Female blue shell parakeet. Also called a budgerigar, parakeet, or budgie.

How to Take Care of a Parakeet

Their size and ease of breeding created misunderstandings in the pet store world. They are not a starter bird. They are not easier than any other parrot. Their size and eagerness misdirect. Parakeets are jewels in the companion parrot lifestyle. They pack personality punch. Because they are a parrot.

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Lorikeets taking a water bowl bath while eating nectar and bananas.

Rainbow Lorikeet Care and Tips

Lorikeets are parrots. They'll learn speech if they want. They'll get loud. They will fly, play, climb and think like a parrot first. They will create glorious sticky messes. They will fill your life with sweet chatter and sweeter love. There's just one thing you'll need to ask yourself when considering a Lori. Can you keep up?

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Cockatiel playing at the water's edge in Australia.

How to Take Care of a Cockatiel

The starter parrot, or beginner bird question reveals the problem for parrots. Humans want an easy pet. Google Search easy, beginner, starter, simple, cheapest, cheap, inexpensive, and the word pet. You'll see the main concern of humans wanting to live with an animal is ease and cheapness. Humans want a lot. From everything. You'll get none of that from a parrot. 

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