What your Parrot Wants to Eat. What you're eating, what they see over there to eat, and what there is to forage. Parrots are foodies.

What your Parrot Wants to Eat

Parrots are foodies. They are foodies for more than a few reasons. Their wild side drives them to forage. Explore. Find. Celebrate. And nap after a great meal. Parrots want to eat the good things, while doing fun things, while sharing all the things with you.

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Are hermit crabs easy to take care of? Hermit land crabs are beach front and saltwater shore dwellers. You will need to replicate those lifestyle points for a healthy happy hermit crab. This is, Munch, a red clawed hermit crab.

Are Hermit Crabs Hard to Take Care Of?

They have specific needs from a specific place. It’s up to the hermit crab keeper to get it right and keep it right. But once you’ve put the pieces together, and you’ve got it balanced properly like an island. Hermit crabs are a whimsical creature that will surprise you with who they are and what they are driven to do. Hermit crabs aren’t easy, but they aren’t difficult.

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Are parrots smart? Yes. They are thinkers, tinkerers, and prophets. Mostly letting humans know they are confused.

Are Parrots Smart?

What appears to be intelligent in one context will look inept at another. Smart is conducting oneself inside a specific context and yielding the maximum profits from the minimum efforts. Parrots are all about maximum anything.

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How to Care for A Molting Parrot. Molting takes a lot out of a parrot. Literally.

How to Care for A Molting Parrot

Molting takes a lot out of a bird. Literally. During their molt you’ll witness your bird fussing about themselves, and feathers falling. Unnerving if you’ve never watched a parrot replace their feathers. It’s a natural occurrence. Out with the old, in with the new. 6 To-Dos and 4 Facts to help you and your bird.

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Cat Whisker Fatigue and The Food Bowls That Remove The Stress. A cat's whiskers are proportionally as wide as the cat.

Cat Whisker Fatigue and The Food Bowls That Remove The Stress

Each cat being an individual, whisker fatigue behavior looks different in every cat.  Bringing in low-profile stainless-steel or ceramic food and water bowls is an inexpensive fix to an anxiety inducing moment for your cat. Whisker stress for some cats is the root cause for other behavior problems. Anti-whisker stress bowls are the root fix to that stress.

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