A Siamese house cat reclined on a linoleum floor to keep cool on a hot day.

15 Facts About Cats That Explain Everything

15 Facts About Cats That Explain Everything

Cat Facts that explain quite a bit, actually.

Two cats sharing a human's bed, burrowing in between blankets and sheets to take a nap.

  1. A house cat genome is 95% tiger. 
  2. Cats possess an organ that allows them to taste scent in the air.
  3. Cats have twice the neurons in their cerebral cortex than dogs.
  4. A cat’s tongue can clean a bone.
  5. Cats walk like camels.
  6. Cats invest a third of their day grooming.
  7. Cats will refuse a food to the point of starvation rather than concede.
  8. A cat's licking stimulates blood circulation, regulating their body temperature.
  9. A welcoming cat with a straight vibrating tail is happy to see you.
  10. Cats agreed to meow as a way to communicate with humans. This is the only sign of domestication. And really, it was a choice they made to get us out of their hair quicker.
  11. Cats are picky about their water bowls. Very picky. As in, excuse me while I drink from this dripping faucet or your teacup, picky.
  12. A cat purr vibrates between 25 and 150 hertz. The same frequency at which muscle and bone cells repair themselves.
  13. A group of kittens is called a kindle.
  14. Every cat’s nose print is as unique as our fingerprints.
  15. Cats acquiescing to humans first appeared around 3600 B.C. It would be folly to think this was nothing less than a world domination decision.
Tabby cat snuggling under his blanket on the couch.
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