Leonidas, lionhead rabbit in salt and pepper colored long fur. Leonidas is looking out his condo door about to jump and run to his DIY box rabbit tunnel on the other side of the room.

2 Rabbit Facts that Explain House Bunny Behavior

2 Rabbit Facts that Explain House Bunny Behavior

Leonidas. Lionhead rabbit. Rescued. He came home with us with the name, Leo. Leo, lion, lionhead. Derivative naming leaves a story untold. I changed his name to Leonidas. King Leonidas. Ruler of the Spartans. He was a warrior, King, husband, father, Spartan. We have a Spartan King rabbit.

Leonidas. A lionhead rabbit sitting on his pile of towels he turned into a bed by spinning around on them. Rabbits love towels.

Living with a house bunny isn't for the faint of heart. Leonidas' name bodes truth here. They will eat everything in their path. They are part goat. Unlike a goat, they can't process everything their teeth send down. Living with a house bunny requires living in a bunny proof house. A bunny proof house makes a child proof house seem careless. Your house bunny will eat your drywall.

House bunnies are litter preferring animals. Like cats, given a litter box they will use it. Unlike cats, they poop constantly. Leaving little coco puff poofs behind. You can find your bunny by following trails. The litter box use will include all their urine, and a large percentage of their coco puffs. The exception being those left behind on their travels to eat walls, floors, furniture, and baseboards.

House bunnies think your house is their house and they are allowing you in. And they would human proof their house if they could stand up and had opposable thumbs. You are a nuisance.

There are two rabbit facts that explain house bunny life.

  1. Rabbit vision is just short of 360 degrees. They have lousy depth perception though. They see everything, and they think everything is right on top of them. Makes for a jumpy rabbit. Makes for a companion that given the space, and the decision to evade you, will totally evade you.
  2. Rabbits live in complex tunnel systems called warrens. Some being excavated as far as 10 feet. They built those tunnels. They build those with paws, claws, feet, legs, teeth, and plans. They want to be in dark places to feel safe. They want to dig, tunnel, and excavate. They will dig and chew their way through walls, floors, carpet, and upholstered furniture. It's not their fault you don't have dirt floors.

Take these two ideas and apply them to your house bunny. Create rabbit tunnels with boxes, paper bags, rabbit hutches, and tunnel toys. Give spaces and places that feel enclosed, quiet, safe, and darker. A happy house bunny given personal spaces to hide, will opt to run to his tunnel, hide, condo system of dark corners and tunnels rather than try to make them out of the house. The happiest house bunnies are like the happiest house parrots, or dogs, cats, lizards, and guinea pigs. They are given options to live like themselves. Lots of options they can chew on, move, scratch, claw, and muddle up to fashion their very own world.

Interior photo of Leonidas rabbit hutch, first floor. There is 18 square feet of room on the first floor.  5 square feet on the second floor. Bunnies love ramps, and different levels.The interior of Leonidas' castle. Notice the ramp that goes up to a second floor. Rabbits love ramps and different levels to travel. (Like a warren.) Notice the towel over the ramp. He naps under his ramp in the darkened spot.


Leonidas' two story rabbit hutch providing 22 square feet of rabbit running area, a ramp, hidden areas for privacy. He has a ramp to run out and down from his hutch that sits on a custom storage table with heavy duty rubber coasters. King Leo living his best life.

Leonidas' two-story rabbit hutch offering warren like level changes, dark spaces to hide, plenty of square feet. We built a custom ramp for the hutch so he can run down and out if he chooses. Which he doesn't. Why leave a castle?

A house bunny is a rabbit who will always think like a rabbit. A house bunny also thinks they are royalty. You are a nuisance.

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