Two young alexandrine parrots playing with food in a person's hand.

4 Simple Elements for a Happy Parrot

4 Simple Elements for a Happy Parrot

Parrots are like diets. You get so many calories to spend each day, to get the results you want. Spend them anyway you want but stay inside that count and you'll end up right where you need to be.

Four elements to add to your parrot goals.

  1. If you want relaxed parrots, change the tone of the household.
  2. If you want fun parrots that engage, engage first and be prepared to give them the freedom of choice.
  3. If you want to snuggle with your parrot, send the right messages with food, sleep, and materials.
  4. If you want a parrot that doesn't scream all day, engage them with conversation. Give them employment opportunities of interest (toys). Answer them when they call. But in a whisper. They'll do what you do.

Calm parrots exist inside a calm lifestyle. I don't mean quiet, I mean calm. A house full of happy members busy doing family things can be calm, not quiet. Calm parrots exist inside a stress-free lifestyle. Parrots do not accept stress.

An engaging personality parrot requires freedom of choice. Freedom to choose includes saying no. Confident, stress free parrots are hilarious partners.

Snuggling parrots are parrots who trust who they are snuggling. Physically loving parrots are confident, stress free, trusting parrots. You'll earn that trust by kindness and patience, while allowing the parrot to choose.

Screaming parrots are flock calling. A game of Marco Polo. Are you there? Are you listening? Call back then. Your answer's volume and tone will be replicated. If you want a whisper, give one.

Balance. Personal responsibility. Honest awareness. Empathy. These are the elements that support a healthy and happy companion parrot relationship. All relationships, actually.

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