A red ant drinking water from a water droplet on a leaf. Photo by Egor Kamelev, from Pexels.

9 Amazing Facts about Ants

9 Amazing Facts about Ants

There are about ten quadrillion ants on Earth. Give or take a few billion. They've been wandering the planet for roughly a hundred million years. They persevered after the asteroids killed the dinosaurs.

Red ant defending its position at the opening of an anthill. Photo by prasanthdas ds, from Pexels

Underestimate ants at your own peril.

  • Pheromones are the language of ants.
  • Like cicadas and crickets, ants rub body parts to make sound for quick information.
  • Ants are farmers. Their livestock is aphids, their crops; leaf matter and Fungai. They grow bacteria as pesticides.
  • Ants are powerlifters, capable of lifting thousands of times their body weight.
  • Ants have no problem moving from one colony to another. A colony can be part of a new colony, which is part of a mega colony, which is part of a super colony, which is part of the same empire. Humans through trade, floods, earthquakes, and traveling animals have created a sense of universal colonial species for ants.
  • The biggest known super colony is called the European Main. They cover 3700 miles between Italy and Portugal.
  • A colony of ants create structures, floating or terrestrial, to protect the members and react to environmental changes like flooding or travel across chasms.
  • A colony of ants is like a Borg. Coordinated integrated communication has millions acting as one.
  • Ants use their antennae like walkie-talkies.
And working pollen on the underside of a flowering plant. Photo by Jimmy Chan, from Pexels.

Are they are poised for world domination? Or are we unaware of our overlords?

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