A blue nose pittie and a black and white Catahoula hound laying under a guinea pig cage, waiting for dinner.

A Dog's Idea of Where and What to Eat

A Dog's Idea of Where and What to Eat

Location for eating offers comfort and control.

Sixty pounds. Dante DuBois LaFollett has hit his adult weight. His post FHO surgery self is all blue nose Staffordshire. He's also proven to be an excellent shadow for his roommate, Angus Lee LaFollett. Catahoula Hound, nose extraordinaire. Where Angus goes, so goes the Dante.

Angus is like Randy at mealtimes. He wants to stay under the guinea pig cage to eat, wait, and at times, sleep to wait to eat. As in the "Christmas Story" movie, Randy stayed under the kitchen sink to eat. Angus Randy's his meals and his waiting for meals. He's got a direct view to the counter where I make those meals.

Dante has realized this is a thing that needs doing. Angus needs a shadow to do it well. And he is just the dog for the job.

Choice for a companion animal creates confidence.

There is nuance to Randying. You just don't Randy haphazard. A good Randy requires being completely under the table. The Great Randy, setting precedent in the movie, sat completely under the sink. It would be heresy to not sit or lay all the way under. Randying requires resistance. As The Great Randy showed with three whiney noes, when his mother asked him to come out.

Dante caves to food. He caves to the thought of food. Dante caves happily. Dante will give up his Randy and all his options for food.

Angus caves to a finite selection of foods. He doesn't cave to the thought of food. You have to produce the food, allow him to inspect the food, wait for him to weigh the value of that food against executing an action item request. Smell the food a second time, and either sit, come out of Randy, or take the offer outright. This can take time. There are also times after the second smell of the food offering Angus will walk away. He walks in a full circle from the dining room, to kitchen, through the hallway, through the office, back into the dining room to meet you again in the kitchen. He's been thinking the entire trip.

Each dog has their opinion of their food and their food setting.

Dante is Angus' shadow. But he isn't Angus. Every dog has their own perspective and their own interest levels to everything. Negotiating with your companion, no matter the animal, is a conversation. We all learn about each other through conversations. Habits and choices are a dog's voice. Listen carefully, they're talking all the time. 

Angus Randy's the least with two options, only.

Merrick, specifically, the Ancient Grains. More specifically Beef and Brown Rice.

Mom's Joint Jelly My homemade answer to joint chews with allergy triggers.

Dante, being a foodie with allergies and yeast struggles, has his own short list.

Solid Gold, specifically, Leap'n Waters. A holistic, limited ingredient dog food that literally shuts down yeast and has zero allergy triggering ingredients. He loves it. And I love the results.

Mom's Joint Jelly It makes a happy foodie. Just a tablespoon stirred into a meal.

Probiotics, specifically 5B, it's a powder. It delivers impressive results.

The where to eat is a fair compromise with our dogs. They should feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying a meal. The what to eat is an individual compromise that requires their health to lead the choices made. Dante can never eat like Angus. And Angus has low interest in food generally. He's so Randy.

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