White husky dog wearing colorful sunglasses in the snow. Original photo by Ilargian Faus, from Pexels.

A half dozen dog questions that needed answers.

A half dozen dog questions that needed answers.

Four dogs looking over a cement ledge down at the camera. Funny faces and big smiles. Hilarious dogs in a row. Photo by Edgar Daniel Hernández Cervantes from Pexels.

IS my dog's mouth cleaner than mine? 

No. Both are yucky and spitty.

Besides dog mouth bacteria is not the same as human mouth bacteria. Harvard was bored one year and did a dog-mouth and human-mouth bacteria study. Humans have more. They counted them. They were bored.

IS my dog unstable, or is there a good reason for rolling around in stinky stuff?

That's two questions. But I'll let it slide. Most dogs are unstable inside human context. Dogs don't care about good reasons. They just do things.

A bored scientist did some studies and found that wolves in the wild roll around in dead things to hide their own scent. To go hunting. Because no prey animal thinks they are going to die when they smell death.

IS my dog really eating that poop that isn't theirs?

Yes. It's tasty.

Some scientists who needed grant money did a study and decided this habit is a throwback to when your dog was a puppy. A momma dog will eat their baby's poop to throw off predators. And throw off advances from daddy dog.

IS butt snorfling a party foul, or dog etiquette?

Again, that's two questions. I'll allow it. Yes. If you are having a party and your dog starts sniffing everyone's butts, it falls under the category of Party Foul.

Yes. Dogs don't have hands to shake, so they sniff each other's butts.

A room full of scientists, bored yet creative, wrote up a white paper presentation claiming that butt sniffers can tell the age, gender, diet, mood, and financial status of the owner of the butt sniffed. They also took the time to call the organ used for such investigations "Jacobson's Organ". No one liked Jacobson at the office. He was a dick most days. The other scientists couldn't resist the irony in the naming convention.

IS there a reason that my dog turns bonkers after a bath?

Possibly, hard to say really. (See Question 2)

IS a cat smarter than a dog?

Are you questioning your choices here?

If you use the number of neurons to judge intelligence, dogs win by a multiple of two. Three bored scientists at Cambridge counting neurons for a year wrote up a white paper presentation. They also counted the neurons of two humans. But left that bit out of the papers. There wasn't much to say about that math. 

Neuron counts are just an indication of potential. Cats use enough neurons to know they don't care. Dogs use enough to know they like to eat poop, roll in dead things, sniff butts, and go completely mad if bathed in honey oatmeal raspberry scented shampoo.

Humans use enough neurons to make a living and pay taxes.

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