Rabbit in his condo playing with dixie cups.

A Simple Toy for House Rabbits

A Simple Toy for House Rabbits

House rabbits are a lovely combination of superior overlord and furry cuteness. Intelligent, instinctual, demanding. Boy bunnies are simple in mind and needs. They want thinks to fuss over. Little things, big things, food, toys, objects for no reason. Boy bunnies are driven to housework. Girl bunnies prefer waiting for someone to wait on them. After that, it all depends on their mood, and what time it is.

Our male lionhead rabbit has a two-story condo making 21 square feet of floor space available for fussing.

Leonidas likes fussing over his square footage.

He lays there stretched out in the corner watching my handy work. His nose twitches and he licks his bunny lips as if to say, "Continue, peasant."

I work my way toward him clearing bedding, shredded Dixie Cups, cocopuff-bunnypoop and the errant wood piece chewed from the condo itself. The closer I get to Leonidas, the less his nose twitches. I've cleaning to do, and a focus only a peasant can possess.

I spot a nice wad of bedding with embedded Leo furs, hay twigs, and Dixie Cup shreds half covered by Leo's own belly. He lays there lightly breathing. Waiting. Invoking dread, and yet I want to kiss that bunny nose. I move slightly closer with an eye for that nice wad. I want it. I want it in the garbage. Leonidas stretches and yawns. I think this is an invitation to remove the wad. 

I am sorely mistaken. 

Blinded by pelting Dixie Cups hitting my head, I realized Leo took his wad and ran up the ramp to the second floor before the cups settled. He looked out the second story door at me with a certainty I won't soon forget. You've won this time Leonidas. THIS time.

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