Maine Coon cat laying down on a table top.

Caring for your House Cat

Caring for your House Cat

House cats. A companion animal that brings an aura to a home, rather than a simple companionship. Cats walk into a room and judge. Some will pass the test; others will be rejected on principle alone. Cats are independent, self-reliant, instinct driven sitting on the fence of domesticated. House cats haven't come to a decision whether humans are worthy of such an agreement. Which proves their intelligence. Depending on the breed, cats come with a variety of short list requirements. Hairless cats versus a Main Coon for example. But all cats have a backbone of simple factual needs.

Tiger cub eating a bone. Photo by Alexander Isreb, from pexels.

Feeding and Nutrition (House cats are 95% tiger.)

  • Cats require the essential amino acid, taurine, for heart and vision health. Balanced, age specific cat food, whether soft or kibble, is necessary to meet this cat specific requirement.
  • Fresh, clean water. Wash and refill water bowls daily.
  • Cat treats are unnecessary as far as nutrition. But, if kitty deserves a treat, keep them at 5% of their daily eating for weight and body mass health.
Tabby cat being brushed by his owner while laying in a chair.

    Grooming for Skin, Claw, and Fur Health

    • Cats come with their own grooming kit. Tongue, teeth, and claws. Nature has given them everything they need to care for their skin and fur. If your cat should get herself into something she can't tackle alone bath with cat specific shampoos. Ensure minimal stress by calmly approaching the idea. And getting the idea finished as quickly as possible. Spot bathing is an option. If you have a water hating cat, there are many types of brushes to keep at the ready for different surprise messes.
    • Brushing your cat stimulates blood circulation and improves the skin condition because of that blood circulation.
    • House cats shed all year-round. Regularly brushing your cat and cleaning their private areas and bedding helps keep you and your cat healthy.
    • Clean bedding, blankets, and pillows help keep a cat's fur and skin healthy.
    • Provide multiple scratching posts for healthy nails and paws. And your healthy furniture.
    • Keep your house cat in your house.
    Silver short-hair cat lounging on his mat, with cat toys around him. His area has a cat tree, and a sister cat.

      The Litter Box

      Their litter box needs to be placed in a quiet, accessible location. In a multi-story home, a litter box per floor is necessary. Once you've chosen the spot for the litter box(s) and they have agreed by using it. Do not move the box.

      Cats are fastidious about their litter boxes, Scoop waste twice a day. The cleaner/clearer their litter, the less problems you will encounter with their using their litter box. Once a week, do a thorough wash of the box itself with detergent. Rinse well. Avoid using ammonia, deodorants with scents, or detergents with scents when cleaning the litter box. A litter box should have a neutral scent for a cat to want to use them. Refusing to use a litter box can indicate a urinary infection.

      Place a bathmat or two at the entrance of litter boxes, to help keep litter from being tracked around your house.

      A clean litter box is a guaranteed smell eliminator. 

      Offering appropriate cat toys designed to play on their predatory instincts provides mental health and employment for their day. Sharing the game of these toys builds kitty confidence and companionship.


      Cats require a certain selection of vaccinations, and a yearly wellness checkup. Since they are prone to urinary issues it's important to stick with a yearly shots and checkup program. 

      Remember, when lifting your cat up to carry or cuddle place one hand behind the front legs supporting the chest and the other under their hindquarters. Lift gently with a kind word. Picking up a cat is counterintuitive to their nature and their body framework. Never pick up a cat by the scruff of the neck or by the front legs. Injury can occur, and your cat will remember.

      Cat and kitten toys that meet the predatory instincts of your cat will always be a hit. And a mental health plus.

      Grey short hair cat lounging on his owner's bed. 

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