A gray cat in a brown box sleeping on his back as if it were a hammock.

Cats and Their Human's Domestication into Servitude

Cats and Their Human's Domestication into Servitude

Felis silvestris lybica, wildcats, in the Fertile Crescent during the Near East Neolithic period, and again in ancient Egypt during the Classical period. Timing aside, Felis silvestris lybica domesticated large numbers of humans along their timeline in history. “In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” warned Terry Pratchett

A fat gray cat napping squished in a box too small. Cats love boxes..

Chances are good your cat is a descendant of Felis silvestris lybica. And yes, Sylvester the Cat was named after Felis silvestris lybica. Currently, there are 144 Cat Cafes in the United States serving tea, coffee, and cold drinks, with cats ready to receive your adoration. They worshipped Felis silvestris in Fertile Crescent and Egypt with festivals, ceremonies, and chants, including beverages of worship. Nothing’s really changed in 12,000 years, except the cupcakes.

Of the 144 cat cafes found nationally, Florida has 10% of the total. Of the state’s total, St Petersburg has three. Of which, none of the cats living in the city believe are enough. There’s a groundswell in the cat community pushing for cafes, rescues, sanctuaries, and other places of worship. Cats wait, impatiently sprawled on our bed, couch, chair, or window frame. Tail swinging slowly back and forth, counting the seconds to minutes and the minutes to lunch. They scowl as we walk by their dosing gaze. Our cats know the deal with the dogs and the dog bars and cafes. And it does not impress them. This entire dog issue has been going on a millennium.

Cat peeking out of a box.

Dogs were the first domesticated animals. Humans created cooperation for hunting and guarding. Wild dogs and wolves soon added up the ease with which food came to them if they worked alongside humans, each seeking the same goal. Food and safe shelter. Man’s best friend simply agreed with man’s ideas. In contrast, they did not domesticate cats in a team cooperative manner. They brought cats into the work of predators of rodents living near human habitations in settlements and farms. Cats did not simply agree with any of these human ideas but monitored these large tottering Beings out of an abundance of caution. Felis silvestris lybica most likely had the same thoughts the first day homo erectus approached.

Two cats and one box.

If you’re seeking domestication with a cat, history offers clues and ideas to use while tempting such a fate.

  • Find a cat. Wait for the cat to make a request. Fill the request without commentary. Cats dislike small talk.
  • After bringing the cat you found home, wait for the cat to make a request. Align your needs, hopes, and wishes to those of the cat. Do not make commentary on what you’ll be doing for yourself after you fill the request of the cat. Cats do not care about what you want.
  • Create a routine filling the requests and needs of your cat before you have considered your own. Eating, bathing, showering, flossing, filing taxes, and housework must come after the cat and their request. History sites moments when Egyptian Pharaohs failed in this regard. Burial sites and mummies mark these historic upheavals in time throughout kingdoms of early Egypt. Even more lay hidden, buried in the depths of doom and dune. A veritable historical litter box of mistakes.
  • Do not discuss the dog you have, the dog you saw, or the dog you know with the cat. Cats have short nerve endings ever since the “dog in the royal chambers incident” with Prince Thutmose, son of Pharaoh Amenhotep III around 1350 BCE. Cats do not let things go.

Ultimately, seeking domestication with a cat is as simple as visiting a local cat rescue, cafe, or shelter. The cat stuck in a shelter with dogs will be more motivated to take on your case, though.

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