Coloring book covers.

Coloring Books for Shredding Parrots

Coloring Books for Shredding Parrots

Felix, our African Grey loves phone books for shredding. The paper is just the right weight. The yellow and white colors are simple. He's not a fan of bright colors. 

Time marches on and phone books are marching out of style and use. There was a time I could find free phonebooks at our local CVS, but even they came their senses on that display. Where once was Felix's prize possessions stacked for taking, now sits a glossary of lip glosses.

We tried replacements. Felix is not impressed with technical books from Microsoft. Shopping catalogues are unimpressive. Too slippery. Too bright. Children's books of old and used.  Too stiff. Too small. Too big. Too bright. Children's coloring books, though. They offer just the right paper weight and texture for Felix Demolition. They are blank of bright colors but do have squiggly lines of interest to gaze at. His approval floats to the floor in all manner of shredded shapes and sizes. Shrapnel of approval. Butters is so very kind to fly over and send them throughout the house via air mail.

Remember to remove the staples and any stickers before handing it over to your shredding professional parrot. 

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