Male caique parrot smelling flower on a tree branch.

Companion Animal Communication

Companion Animal Communication

Actions speak louder than words.

All companion animals, pets, communicate continually. Unlike humans, who leave the room and conversation, our companions would rather not disengage. Even overlord cats. They keep proximity close enough to randomly appear and test our resolve. Cats are a one-way highway of communication with U-Turns randomly placed.

Yes, parrots can talk. Yes, they can talk contextually. They can, if interested, have a full conversation about our lack of skills and attention. Parrots flock. Flocking requires constant communication with all members. We humans, who prefer communication on our terms, have a hard time with communication between our own species.

 All animals communicate well.  Not all humans do.

That space in time where your macaw hasn't done the morning poop yet and has chosen to burrow in your bed blankets first. Then sticks his head out from under said blankets, laughs at you, and you think he's working up that waddle, but he's not. Then he disappears under the blankets again, laughing at you. Only a parrot would turn a bowel movement into a comedy show.

LeoBun, house rabbit, has decided the only recreational opportunity for today is kicking all his bedding out of his condo while growling like a little beastie. Rabbit growls sound like cars going over rumble strips. He follows this up with binky, ramp run, binky, ramp run, slam a water bottle, toss a toy. Binky. This could be Morris Code. I'm still cyphering.

I stand here typing with a big blue chicken on my right shoulder, a Felix to my right napping on a Felix tent, a Kirby on my left wrist lusting over the keys I am busy tapping, songs of cockatiels fill the house and a gorgeous male scarlet named Snickers enjoying breakfast nearby on his favorite breakfast spot.

I find my world expanded, softened, elevated, challenged, and celebrated because of our companions. The best relationships will do that. The best relationships don't require words. Communication happens through life's bits and pieces.

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