African grey parrot looking at filled food bowls.

Companion Animals Sound Like Home

Companion Animals Sound Like Home

Voice, routine, choice, activities, location. All these actions lend sounds of information throughout the day. Listen before you speak. Grandma told me that once. It works with companions as well. Listen. The information given out offers quite a bit of information. When you and your companions are aware of each other's preferences, you know where to look for information. 

Great Relationships Start with Great Listening

There's something comforting and familiar in the sound of a neighbor mowing their lawn. You're home. Your neighborhood is humming with life and routine. Familiar sounds give familiar information. Our neighbor to the north is mowing, it must be Saturday. He doesn't work on Saturday. He mows, and then friends come over to watch football in the backyard pool area. They will stay until dark. They always do. Three trucks will be parked in front of their house soon. It's the weekend. Information and facts that feel familiar, all is working as it should.

Sounds of Choices. Sounds of Routine.

  • There's a preening macaw on my head. There's also a lovely cascade of white fluff feathers and feather casings drifting downward in front of my face. Like a snowy Christmas morn. If a snowy Christmas morn includes 2 pounds of macaw on your head. Her breathing fills my right ear with sounds of contentment. Zipping feathers sound like fingernails against silk.
  • Felix is one foot up on his tent that's parked to my right. African Grey Parrots prefer the least efforts for their own designs. He's trying to fall asleep, but I keep trying to catch him falling asleep. So, he can't fall asleep because he refuses to let me catch him. He rustles slightly on his perch, clicking a beak, and switching feet.
  • There are guinea pigs fifteen feet away giving me the hairy eye over the top railing of their piggle condo. Guinea Pigs have a dramatic 'weeek' call. When they are dying of starvation because they haven't eaten in fifteen minutes. Fifteen seems to be their limit. That or any wrapper of any type of food making sounds as you touch it. I may have failed with the morning breakfast greens. I failed with the timothy/orchard hay. I failed with the pellet ratio. I failed to scratch noses long enough. Whatever the cause, by the looks and sounds of them, I'm in big piggle trouble.
  • Our two dogs ramble, scurry, roll, rumble, and bump into furniture for their conversations. Dogs have faith in what's coming. They wait while they don't wait. Parrots have no faith. Guinea Pigs have even less.
It's noisy with information.
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