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Confident Companion Animal Care

Confident Companion Animal Care

First things first, don't confuse confidence with being certain. Confidence is based on a collection of known facts, and decisions based on knowns. You can feel confident about feeding, but uncertain about how your companion will enjoy the flavor, or their body and health will react.

And that is where I hope to start with this idea of confidence. It is completely natural to feel uncertain in day-to-day decisions, you are more likely to increase that uncertain feeling by reading conflicting information. Feeding uncertainty with conflicting information is fertilizing frustration. So how do you add more sincere confidence and remove more uncertainty? By simplifying the truths of the matters.

Food. Shelter. Health. Companionship.

Our companions, small to large, require these four elements no matter the species. Every house starts with a foundation.

  • Your first step for your foundation starts by choosing your companion's doctor. And making an appointment for a wellness checkup. There you can gather the foundational points of food, and shelter. There you will obtain your companion's baseline health information. The data from bloodwork, and a physical exam will help you join in with their healthcare. Because what they eat, and how they live directly affects their health. 
  • After gathering what their environment should provide, and what their foods need to be to provide optimal health and wellness, then you can apply the commerce side of the lifestyle. Choosing your brand preferences and merging their environmental needs with your current home lifestyle. The foundation laid clearly allows for creativity and invention.
  • As the saying goes, you only know what you think you know until you know better. After creating the opening salvo of life with you, your companion will quality test all your ideas. Depending on who your companion is, their test result times will vary. A parrot will immediately throw all your ideas on the floor. QA results are within seconds. A hamster may take a few days ignoring your little wooden igloo before you get the hint. He hates little wooden igloos. No matter your companion, there will be testing and quality results to all your ideas.
  • Companionship is built on this give and take of choices. A no is as good as a yes from your companion. It's a conversation leading to understanding.
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