Two guinea pigs playing in hay under a tent.

Creating the Perfect Guinea Pig Environment

Creating the Perfect Guinea Pig Environment

Always have two guinea pigs.

They, and I say they to suggest you have a pair not a singular companion, are playful, intuitive, creative, silly, humorous, adventurous and inquisitive. They need and thrive in an environment that is the same. 

There are no limits to the fun you can create with C&C Cages

  • C&C Cages are modular and can be designed as tall, long, wide and deep as you like. Ramps, floors, and rooms can be added.
  • C&C Cages were designed specifically for Guinea Pigs.
  • The modular caging squares allow any and all accessories to attach to the sides for play, food, and water.

Guinea Pig in a corner felt rag tent.

Accessories are endless, personal, and customizable.

I have go-to toys for Jamal-Pierre and Werthers, our Guinea Pigs.

  • Chewing stick bundles. Guinea Pigs love to remodel their cages during the day. Shoving, flipping, chewing, tossing, and stacking. These sticks are always a favorite for their remodeling needs.
  • Sticks n Hay bundles. Carrying things to toss them is also a grand idea to a guinea pig. Pigs also like to play fetch. These little bundles are a top three favorite for playing with our pigs.
  • Tunnels! Guinea Pigs love tunnels to run through. A good tunnel creates epic moments of zoomies.
  • Hay bags! Guinea Pigs like challenges. Hay bags keep their feed hay clean as well as providing a pulling and yanking instinct. Pigs love emptying a hay bag.
  • Card Board Boxes! No need for a link there. Cut openings on one or two sides and you've got the perfect chewable hut. If you are recycling shipping boxes, make sure to remove all the labels and tape before giving the box to your pig.

Two guinea pigs in their C&C Cage.

 For inspiration go to these two websites:

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