Golden Retriever laying on couch with owner watching tv.

Dogs Eat Weird Things Sometimes

Dogs Eat Weird Things Sometimes

Dogs love eating guinea pig poop. Maybe not all dogs. All the dogs we've loved while loving guinea pigs. Bruiser, golden retriever. Angus, Catahoula hound, Turner, terrier, and Dante, Blue Nose Staffordshire. They all crave guinea pig poops. Far be it from me to deny them processed vegetables and fruits. Which is what it is after all is said, swallowed, and done.

 I do feel sorry for our Bruiser Bear. He can't help it he's old and dazed. Getting old is hard. He's enjoying the best of his last years. He is, at times, confused. But not about his favorite surprise floor treat. Guinea pig poop. He is a victim of his own obsessions really. He searches tirelessly to find those lost and forgotten morsels from past piggle condo cleanings. The joy on his face when he discovers just one; well, it just breaks your heart really. If only I didn't have a gag reflex. But I do, and I leave the room and him in his moment of Nirvana.

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