White male long haired guinea pig playing in hay.

Great Ways to Care for Your Guinea Pig

Great Ways to Care for Your Guinea Pig

Laws that Protect Guinea Pig Needs.

Switzerland has a law mandating that if you should want to have a guinea pig as a companion, you must by law, have two. Because they are a demonstrably social animal needing another of their kind for health and happiness. Considering the time and effort it takes to have laws created and passed, it stands to reason that Switzerland's behaviorists and naturalists proved the need.

Guinea Pigs Need Company and Affection.

Guinea pigs are a herding mind. They live happily in dense busy muddle of members. They show affection, care, concern, and joy among their group. A singular guinea pig as a companion pet is possible, but it is up to the human to compensate for the loss of a fellow friend. You'll need to spend time every day on your piggle relationship. A healthy guinea pig is a busy piggle in a relationship.

Two male guinea pigs sharing a divided condo. Each have their own huts and boxes.

Great Ways to Spend Time with your Guinea Pig.

  • Set up a floor obstacle course for you pig - Boxes and tubes on a big blanket on your floor will give running room and hiding places. A pig that can hide will love playing hide and seek with you. Have treats of carrot tops, Italian parsley, or apple bits for rewards.
  • Piggle Spa Day - Guinea Pigs love a snuggle. And a soft gentle brushing. Some piggles love warm bath and foot rub while wrapped gently in a towel. It's important to keep your pig's house and litter box clean. You shouldn't need to give them a full bath, but rather a belly and foot soak. Guinea pigs are very fastidious creatures. They clean themselves as a matter of choice.
  • Training Day - Guinea Pigs are capable of learning many tricks. And teaching them tricks is a great way to build a relationship. Remember though, piggles are physically limited by their shape and build. Never try to make a piggle do tricks they can't perform safely. For example, standing up and begging like a dog isn't a good trick. But coming to you and waiting for a treat is. Piggles are great runners and hoppers. A hopping or (popcorning) piggle is a very happy piggle.
  • Zoomies - Dogs aren't the only zoomie professionals out there. Guinea Pigs can zoomie incredibly fast and frenetic.  Guinea Pigs are so happy to hear your voice and have a visit they will get the zoomies. Have a happy excited conversation with your piggle.
  • Ask your piggle to join you on the couch or in your chair in your lap. You may be watching a movie, or playing video games, but simply sitting in your lap in their piggle towel is a welcomed social moment.
  • Make sure your guinea pig has a home that is big enough for exploration and fun. The bigger the space the happier your pig. I recommend 6 square feet for every guinea pig you love.
  • Lots of hay in many ways for foraging. A guinea pig should never be without hay. Try Orchard Grass as well as Timothy Hay. I use empty oatmeal tubes, popcorn bags, and brown lunch sacks as a hay holder.
  • I highly recommend using towels as floor covering for your guinea pig cage rather than hay or bedding. Bedding in their litter box, and towels on their floor will also help litter train them. You should clean your piggle's cage every day to keep their feet healthy. By having towels, you can remove all their toys and huts, roll up the mess, then shake out all their poop and hay mess out in your garden or around plants. It makes a great compost material. Cleaning their cage can be part of your relationship building. By moving huts around, cleaning, and general messing with their items your guinea pig will be mentally stimulated and most likely thank you with a big case of the zoomies.
  • Offer fresh husk and silk from an ear of corn. He'll love you forever!

Guinea Pigs are small, but they have big hearts and lots of friendship to give.

Guinea pig waking up from a nap ready for a treat.

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