A wild yellow capped green parrot foraging in a forest of flowering trees. Stress for a parrot is reduced by providing natural food foraging toys.

How Does Stress Affect a Parrot?

How Does Stress Affect a Parrot?

Stress affects parrots the same way it affects humans. Loss of appetite, poor sleep, and a grouchy attitude. A parrot may also start plucking feathers or flock calling loudly. What is the biggest influence in your parrot's health and wellbeing? You. A happy, relaxed parrot lives with a relaxed, patient, and confident human.

4 Stress Reducing Steps for You and Your Parrot

  1. Reasonable expectations and honest evaluations of your lifestyle. You cannot have a macaw and a perfectly kept home at the same time. You cannot be a workaholic, gone 10–12-hour days, and have a cockatoo. Being honest about who you are and what you can accept inside your own truth allows reasonable expectations all around.
  2. Fresh foods for foraging as well as good parrot pellet food. 80% fresh to 20% pellet is a great ratio for your birds.
  3. Reasonable expectation includes your parrot's expectations. And parrot expectations inside a human world seem unreasonable. Chewing on your favorite chair seems reasonable to a parrot. Wandering on the floor to find where you went off to, and chewing on random things while searching for you, is reasonable to a parrot.
  4. If after a vet visit your bird's health is confirmed, a screaming parrot is acting appropriately inside their reasonable expectations. They are seeking their prime directive. Flock activity. Every parrot is different and requires a different level of "togetherness". Understanding your parrot's definition of this expectation allows you to fulfil it properly and thus ends the screaming

Life gets us busy and pressured. We create unreasonable expectations for ourselves as well. Relax, keep it simple, keep your own life and expectations simple, and remember, parrots have expectation, too.

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