A happy amazon getting settled inside his travel cage to go on a car ride. Parrots can travel by car with you happily.

How To Travel by Car with A Parrot

How To Travel by Car with A Parrot

Yes, parrots can go on car rides, road trips, and on family vacations or camping trips. A parrot will always want to be with you, rather than away from you. Traveling by car with birds requires understanding their viewpoints of the idea. A few key items for comfort and good experiences taking rides in cars with you is all they are looking for from it. For a parrot any idea is a good idea if they get what they want, and you are there delivering that want.

Parrots are not complicated.

  • Can parrots get car sick? Motion sickness isn't a thing for flying beings. They're built for 360-degrees of fast decisive motion. What may appear as motion sickness is more likely a bird experiencing too many unknowns at the same time. Noise, motion, sights moving by, confinement, air conditioning too cool or not cool enough, location with too much view or not enough. The stress causes the vomiting and unsteadiness for some birds.
  • How do you travel with a pet bird? Traveling with your parrot is akin to traveling with children. You'll need to provide entertainment and conversation. You'll need to answer when asked questions. Snacks and drinks on longer excursions are welcomed. And packing familiar items in a familiar parrot travel cage with familiar sturdy perches are mandatory.
  • Do birds like going on car rides? Every parrot is different to the entire process. Some see it as another way to get rowdy, loud, and celebrate life. Some see it as just another event. Birds can like going on car rides. Your bird will have his own opinions on the matter.

What you Need to Travel with your Parrot

What's a good parrot carrier for traveling?

  • Cloth carry-on. An excellent option for smaller parrots for both driving or flying.
  • Cloth Backpack Hiking and Travel A fresh idea on parrot travels. The backpack idea emerged a handful of years ago. And has proven a hit for both bird and human.
  • Metal Wire Travel Cages My personal favorite as they offer the most versatility in usage. I use these for my rabbit and guinea pig vet trips. Modular and easily swapped from bird to small pet. 

Secure their travel cage in the backseat. Front seat airbags are dangerous to a bird in a travel cage. Place their travel cage where they can see their favorite person, driver or passenger. Place perches to offer different angles of view and motion. Place them vertical and horizontal to the car seat. They'll have a preference to absorbing the motion. Give them options to stay comfortable.

What To Pack for Your Parrot's Car Ride

  • Food 
  • Filtered water
  • A towel to cover their travel cage 
  • Favorite music
  • Favorite video playlists. I have clients who set up their bird's travel cage to view the monitor in their SUV for trips. They report back it's a big hit all around.
  • Bring a Parrot First Aid Kit for longer trips.

5 Parrot Travel Tips

  1. Ask your vet for a vet referral at your destination location. Just in case. If something goes wrong, you don't want to be looking up doctor's on google, you want a trusted number on speed dial.
  2. Whatever you pack and use, make items used at home the answer to that packing list. The more familiar smells and sights there are, the calmer your parrot will feel along the way.
  3. Never take your parrot out of their carrier at rest tops or temporary stops for gas or snacks.
  4. Never leave your bird alone in the car. Under any circumstances. You wouldn't leave a young child alone.
  5. If you can plan your drive for easier traffic. The less stressed YOU are, the less stressed they will be.

Ultimately car rides for parrots are another great addition to ways to be with your bird. Just like all our other ideas of being together, allow your bird to become familiar with their travel cage at home. Let them use it during the day as they see fit. Familiarity breeds contentment, for a parrot. Have a safe trip!

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