Male yellow leopard gecko with black spots.

Leopard Geckos are Great Companion Animals

Leopard Geckos are Great Companion Animals

Leopard Geckos are full of personality.

Male and Female Leopard Geckos.

So much personality, they inspire stories for me.

The Gambini Gecko Family come from a long line of Associates. Their family didn't do up the problems, they were the big-earners. So, when Tony, Donitelli, and Rottini landed in town most everybody knew they could get fingered.

Thing is, Tony didn't. Thing is, Donitelli already had the idea he needed to do up Tony to get where he needed to be with Rottini. But I'm ahead of the story. Let's just say the Borgata was gonna get shook up sooner than later.

So Donitelli "Coffin Nail" Gambini, Tony "Eight Fingers" Gambini, and Rottini "The Eye" Camorra landed in town. You'd think a Gambini wouldn't be caught out with a Camorra but hey, Rottini was one of those girls that made things work. They don't call her "The Eye" for nothin.

Things went straight south quick the first night. Tony Eight Fingers wasn't eating. Donitelli Coffin Nail shrugged it off when Rottini wanted the answers. She liked Tony and wanted him around. Donitelli liked Rottini and didn't want Tony around. Donitelli was keep'n Tony on ice long enough to deal out that done. It wasn't a week before Donitelli Coffin Nail closed that hit. Tony Eight Fingers was no more, which is a thing you don't like mentioning. Offing family 'cause of things Hitt'n the Mattresses leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Like rotten mealworms.

And that's the story of Donitelli, Rottini, and the late Tony Gambini Geckos. I suppose I could have just said we went to a local reptile breeder and chose three leopard geckos. I chose one very small weak looking one because I had hoped to save his little life. Poor Tony.

Leo Geckos require a short list of things for success.

  1. A 20-gallon long aquarium for a single or pair of geckos.
  2. ZooMed substrate
  3. ZooMed Excavator building clay (to create caves, tunnels and hills) The best product for lizards I've found.
  4. Under aquarium heater.
  5. Warming lamp with UV lamp.
  6. Water and Calcium dishes.
  7. Thermometer/Humidifier Gauge (I prefer analog in reptile environments)
  8. Calcium powder.

Mealworms are the best food source.

I buy local and online at Fluckers. Buy bran bedding as well. You'll want to put your mealworms in a container with holes at the top. Put the bran meal in, then your mealworms. Then shaved carrots, uncooked sweet potato, and white potato chunks for them to eat. Dust calcium powder on the foods. Leave them for three days. Your mealworms are then full of all the nutrition a gecko could want. I recommend handfeeding with tongs, to keep track of their food intake. Counting is better than guessing.

Personally, I never feed crickets. They carry parasites and can chew toes of smaller geckos. They're a nasty bit of an idea for leopard geckos.

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