Baby blue and gold macaw being cuddled in a towel.

Parrots are Just Like Three Year Olds

Parrots are Just Like Three Year Olds

Intellectually, potentially, and instinctually.

A confident parrot learns contextual information and communication by trying. Just as a child. A calm parrot has the potential to learn language, colors, numbers, and song just as a child. A healthy parrot's instinct for comfort, love, and joy is exactly like a human child. Companion parrots are not pets. They are a lifestyle choice that changes everything. Just like children.

To thrive, parrots require attention.

Leaving a parrot to exist in a cage is a mental health death sentence. I say this heavily because there is no other version to tell. Parrots flock. They need to be a member with a purpose with relationships to enjoy and nurture. Just like children.

Like children, a parrot will find their place in your world if;

You create choices for them to consider.

There's two pounds of blue and gold macaw hanging off my shirt collar by a beak, she's pulled it over my shoulder and down along my arm. She's hanging by one foot egging me on to get into the bird room. Pointing with one reaching foot while dangling by my elbow.

I  type, she tugs. I look down. She looks up and reaches toward the room filled with her favorite foods. Obviously, she can't eat alone today. By the sounds of things hitting the floor in there, Snickers can.

Kirby is fast asleep on top of the cockatiels' flight aviary, back to the window, red beak hidden in a soft mound of baby blue shoulder feathers. Digesting.

He'd be doing that on my shoulder if Butters wasn't currently trying to get me out of my parking space in front of this computer.

That's the beautiful thing about companion parrots, they are like water. The trick is creating places for them to flow.

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