Mini pumpkins in a pile.

Parrots Love Pumpkin Raw or Baked

Parrots Love Pumpkin Raw or Baked

Every part of pumpkins, gourds, and squash offer viability, function and nutrition for parrots. Raw, baked, mashed, cubed, diced, or sliced. From stem to skin, they supply a variety of brain teasing options for your parrot's happy.

Foraging; It's Simple

It's October and mini pumpkins are available in the produce section. I buy these for the macaws to destroy. Mini pumpkins as an edible foraging toy can't be beat. (Wash your fresh product before serving.)

  • Slice a mini pumpkin in half. Place these in strategic hide and seek locations. (When your parrot isn't looking of course. I've made that mistake.) 
  • Use a peeler and gouge holes out of the skin. Insert almonds deep into the pumpkin. Macaws will appreciate the mini whole; smaller parrots will prefer pie slices.
  • The size of your parrot doesn't matter. Our cockatiels attack a mini pumpkin, shredding its skin and digging in.
  • Mini pumpkins fit nicely into the large bird foraging cages.

Pumpkin Parrot Recipes

  • Hummus and Baked Pumpkin. You can pull this off with canned pumpkin (organic, no sugar added). I mix baked pumpkin meat (or canned) with Chickpea Hummus, or White Bean Hummus 50/50. Spread on flax crackers
  • Harvest Pumpkin Seeds. Bake on a cookie sheet at 300, stirring seeds every 10 minutes. Bake until dried. Set aside. Clean pumpkin clear as if creating a Halloween pumpkin, creating a bowl. Pour finished pumpkin seeds mixed with your parrot's favorite chopped vegetables or fruit.
  • Pumpkin Cap Snacks. Cut top of pumpkins off creating a cap as you would creating one for a Halloween pumpkin. Bake at 300 on waxed paper, on cookie sheet. Bake until you can smell the pumpkin. Remove. Dip cap in sprouts, sprouted oatmeal, flax seeds, sesame seeds, etc. Let cool. Serve.

Rabbits like pumpkins, too. Offer a raw mini as an option in their condo. Leonidas Rabbit, our lionhead house bunny finds them to be a premium toy.

After cleaning Leonidas' condo and replacing his Dixie Cups, paper towel rolls, paper towel sheets and grass knots with new ones, I gave him the smallest of the mini pumpkins. Leo gets so excited with new things. After kicking it around, biting it, and kicking it around some more, he made a napping spot with his clean bedding. Duly note, buns like napping with mini pumpkins.

Seasonal, local produce is healthier for you and your budget.

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