Egrets standing on top of a roof.

Parrots, Otters, Rabbits, and Egrets

Parrots, Otters, Rabbits, and Egrets

Tell a dog to ignore a squirrel. You'll hear the opinion quickly. We live on a tidal canal across the street from a lake. Our local wildlife outnumbers our companions 1000 to 1.

Butters, opinionated macaw, does not like otters.

Specifically, Butters does not like otters doing the following.

  1. Rubbing their butts on her fence.
  2. Wrestling by her fence.
  3. Wrestling and rubbing their butts by and on her fence.

The Otters do not care. Local wildlife will never care.

Our Companion Animals have alarms, and last nerve endings.

Butters has a diverse collection of Macaw Alarms. A full system at the ready to warn us in the house, and neighbors in the County that there are problems. Her Otter Alarm sounds quite a bit like her Turtle Alarm. LOUD. Boil all parrot alarms down and they all sound loud.

Our House Rabbit, Leonidas does not like any of anyone's alarms. He has seven parrots multiplied by their diverse alarm systems. He is a bunny annoyed. Thumping his own alarm coupled with growling bunny threats.

Butters does not care. None of our parrots care.

The Local Wildlife have alarms, and last nerve endings, too.

Otters do not like white egrets walking over and interrupting their fence grooming. Their Egret Alarm sounds like a cross between a raging chihuahua and an angry harbor seal.

Egrets do not care.

It seems to me it'd be a lot quieter around here if everybody would be a bit more considerate.

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