A female Ibis bird perched in the top branches of a 60 foot pine tree.

Southwest Florida Backyard Wildlife

Southwest Florida Backyard Wildlife

Humans don't control nature.

Nature cut in line and told the Universe to sit tight for a minute. Then a coyote showed up, and our bald eagles took a turn for the serious. The field behind our house has duck parts strewn across it. I found a deceased female a few blocks into my dog walk with Angus. Death by mating I'm afraid. The Universe shoved Nature out of the way and stood ground. Gary, a wild Muscovy duck, was hit by a car in front of our house. Heavy loses all around.

Nature is like water; she finds her way.

New neighbors had moved into a lake house around the corner. They took down their fence, and installed sprinklers and planted things. Being the only house with no fence allowed the geese, the pekin hybrid pair, and any willing Muscovy to travel the highway of ease out into the neighborhood. Alas, the neighbors finished a new fence day before yesterday. The geese and pekins are stuck inside the lake perimeter.

The condos on the other side of the killing field are doing structural upgrading to all their buildings. Scaffolding, tradesmen, trucks, baskets, hardware, parts, bricks, etc. and so forth have uprooted our normal traffic of what's left of our Tinney Creek Flock. There are other, quieter places to wait this chaos out, and so they do.

These seasonal impacts light up daydreaming in my head. Ah! To have our own 25 acres, lake, creek, and barn. I fancy that fanciful thinking. I also know better than to think 25 acres can sustain the explosion of life caused by my obsessive caretaking unleashed upon such a fairy tale. We'll need two goats, six chickens, two ponies, and two pigs for domestic balance. Nature seeks balance.

Which is why we're here. Balance. You can find all the ideas you need to turn your backyard, front yard, or all your yard into a wildlife refuge. You can become a Certified Wildlife Habitat. I did. Nature can handle her business, but even Nature and the Universe could use a little help.

Bring balance and life into your world. 

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