Red Eared Slider Turtle wandering.

Red Eared Slider Turtles and Parrots

Red Eared Slider Turtles and Parrots

Turtles can't think around corners. All the turtles behind our house living in Tinney Creek walk our backyard fence line fervently trying to go under or around the fence to get to the lake across the street. Here's the thing; They could literally walk a straight unimpeded line from the creek to the lake. Yet their little turtle GPS settings are off. They walk to our fence, and they walk the fence line testing the fence every so often trying to go under it.

This sets Butters off like a tornado siren. There is no going off until that turtle has walked roughly 100 feet of fence line out of Butters' sight. And obviously the turtle is hurling insults at Butters the entire time.

Today was T-Day. The unthinkable happened. A turtle made it under the fence and proceeded to march straight at Butters, hurling looks and insults through the window along the way.

Butters lost her marbles. Snickers decided to lose his with her. Felix calmly walked into his tent yelling "BAD BIRD!" and Kirby continued to preen. Indian Ringneck Parakeets are pragmatic. They do not care about turtles. 

I ran outside as all momma bears do when their babies are being insulted and threatened. I picked this large paper plate sized turtle up. I watched two chicken sized macaws screaming at me through the window. "Put it down! Don't! You'll die! Stop!" I'm sure that's what they were yelling.

I brought the turtle into the house. Of course, this is a wild creature, and I'm not doing any friendly introductions, but I am showing the chickens that turtles smell like brackish water and are benign. Albeit rude and obnoxious.

Butters turned off her Tornado Turtle Siren and flew over to take a close look at the evil that cometh from the depths of Tinney Creek. Turtle returned the inspection by sticking his head out and attempting to ambulate.


I took the poor guy that can't think around corners outside to the front yard, pointed his face to the lake and bid him farewell.

Butters bid him good riddance.

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