Woman holding Congo African Grey Parrot.

What are Parrots Thinking?

What are Parrots Thinking?

A parrot looks you in the eye and thinks. They think on your breathing. Your posture. Your words. Your voice. Your manner. They think on it all to add it all up to know how they should feel about matters at hand. We have more power than we understand to help our birds deal with stress.

Our emotions create their emotions.

  • We have the power to wind them up or calm them down.
  • We have the means to turn a calling loud parrot into a whispering parrot.
  • We have the influence to create a confident bird, or an insecure one.
  • They give us that power, freely. If we are honest.

Hurricane Elsa is on her way. They say she's knocking on the door of our area. Personally, I think she'll end up a respectable CAT1, not a fringe CAT1. And I think we're not going to like a minute of it. Storm preparation aside, there's all kinds of opinions and ideas out there. It's personal. And geographical. And financial. Storm preparation is influenced by our pocketbooks, our cars, our zip code, our fortitude. I'm not writing anything about that. End of day, it is personal, and when you love something, you do your best.

I'm interested in the no cost preparation for these types of things. You. Your head. Your attitude. Your perseverance and body language. The way you walk into and out of a room tells your companion everything they need to know. 

No matter what you're worried about for yourself and your companions (any species including spouse), you have all the power to make it through and make it a little easier. Pause your mind. Kiss your companion. Look at yourself and your place in this mad world and remember, this is it. This is all there really is, right now. And that's spectacular. Even inside the eye of a hurricane.

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