A watercolor treatment of a male fantail guppy swimming in a small aquarium.

What do you need for a Guppy Tank?

What do you need for a Guppy Tank?

Guppies, native to South America and the Caribbean, have been captive bred for decades. Naturalist Robert Lechnere Guppy first identified the fish on the island of Trindad. Guppies grow to an adult size of two inches and live for three years on average. They can be found in a myriad of colors, shapes, and fin lengths. The males are more vibrant but smaller than the females. 

Guppies are a calm community fish in an aquarium setting. Their best aquarium mates are similar in size and personality. Zebra and neon tetras, mollies, and platys flourish alongside the friendly guppy.

Male guppy sharing a freshwater tank with other small fish.
If you prefer a guppy only community, feel free in mixing color and shape variations. If you aren't looking to breed your guppies, separate the males and females. Guppies are notorious for successful exuberant mating.

What you need for your Guppy Tank:

  1. A 20-gallon aquarium with cycling filtration system will ensure your guppy community's health and longevity. You'll want a quiet air pump creating little to no vibration for that filtration system.
  2. Guppy pellet food (micro-pellets), as they hold nutrition longer than flakes.
  3. Guppies love a good, freeze-dried bloodworm as well as fresh vegetables (broccoli florets, half cooked and frozen to serve)
  4. Feed twice a day. (Start with small servings to see your guppy's appetite. Add a little more food after all is consumed.) It's best to serve smaller portions so as to avoid leftover foods sinking to the bottom of the tank necessitating more frequent cleanings. Feeding in this manner also allows you to keep an eye on all your fish and their health and appetites.
  5. Live plants are a welcomed addition by guppies. They will nibble and eat as well as benefit from the presence of living plants. Plant roots also take in ground nutrition found in leftover food and fish poop. Live plants help keep your tank water quality equalized. Use plant supporting aquarium substrate and gravel for a full lifecycle benefit.
  6. A good tank light for UV display and health is important. (Turn off your lights at night, fish need a day/night cycle)
Male albino florescent guppy in a freshwater guppy tank.
    Guppies are a freshwater aquarium happy go lucky fish. Beautiful, calm, and agreeable to most aquarium ideas.
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