A male lionhead rabbit sitting in hay.

What Vegetables Do Rabbits Eat?

What Vegetables Do Rabbits Eat?

Leonidas and the Green Bean - A Relatable Tale

Once upon a time there was a green bean. One of many, this bean was chosen for its beaniness and greeniness. And so, it traveled far and long across the forest of dining room as it's calling was to serve the Mighty Leonidas.

Green bean did not know it's true end but bid his wife and baby beans goodbye. No bean truly knows. Such is the life of green beans. To wake every morning in the chill of the air and ponder life's meaning. One can happily make a family and find moments of joy raising baby beans to become strong and righteous beans. This is a noble calling.

Offer your bunny choices.

The sun shines often on the green beans. Not long, and one does not know when the light will come to show the way. Fleeting and bright those moments remind the green beans that they too, like the carrot, leafy greens, bok choy, snow peas, fresh corn cob husks, and snap peas know not the count of their days, nor the end of their life. But while they ponder these deep thoughts in the chill of the dark refrigerator, they can nobly tread forward to be the best that they can be.

And so it was, at the end of his travels green bean presented himself to the Mighty King Leonidas, Royal Bunny and Kind King to those that know him. The moment was nigh. His end near, green bean resigned himself to this end. Like a Spartan Strawberry Tops, he faced his moment in the history of time and space knowing his purpose was always to sustain the Mighty Royal Bun and Kind King, Leonidas.

Or not. Odds were just as good he'd be on a white plate next to a baked potato that didn't even see it coming.

Rabbits need hay and a 1/4 cup of rabbit food every day. 

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