Male leopard gecko laying on rock water bowl.

When Your Leopard Gecko Lays her Eggs

When Your Leopard Gecko Lays her Eggs

A soon to lay eggs gecko will dig up their habitat.

She'll want to find a location near her water source to give her eggs just the right amount of moisture for successful hatching. Our girl, Rotini laid two perfect eggs in the water bowl this morning and has spent the last 3 hours filling the water bowl with sand and excavator clay to bury her charges. She's still at it, but with less verve. She circles her mound and then fills in spaces only she can see as imperfections.

She'll lose her interest in foods and all else until she finds her perfect spot.  The perfect damp, deep, warm spot. Don't be alarmed if she's on the hunt to find that perfect spot between the under the tank heater and the water bowl.

Female Leopard Gecko

The male will give her space to work with little interest.

Donotelli, our robust boy, splays at the highest rock formation looking down as she does her burial work. He's not moved an inch all this time. I can't tell if he's Project Manager or staying out of the way. Most likely he's blocked the entire episode out of his mind.

Male Leopard Gecko

After laying and burying her eggs a female will be hungry. VERY hungry.

After all this laying and burying business, she's going to be hungry and sleepy over the next couple of days. That girl can pack some mealworms when she wants. When I see Rotini on the egg, I make sure I'm gut loading super mealworms with extra calcium. She'll need it. I also leave a small shell filled with Repashy calcium in the habitat at all times.

When her laying instincts are over you can remove the eggs and replace the sand with fresh for a healthy environment.  A clean environment coupled with healthy feeding practices are the key to a thriving pair of geckos.

Leopard Gecko Environment with Excavator Clay foundation.

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