Wild Indian ringneck eating flower peddles in a sunflower field.

Why Does My Parrot Smell So Good?

Why Does My Parrot Smell So Good?

My name is Kathy, and I am a floof and feather sniffer. Parrots smell so good. Every parrot has their own perfume flavor. The more parrots you have, the more a flowering garden of parrot scents. An avian veterinarian and I hatched an idea once. We stood in his office in Raleigh Durham NC, petting a chicken and talking about parrots. I was in town to give a presentation at the local bird club. It didn't take long for us both to fall upon the truth that parrot scents are addicting.

"If we could bottle that and call it Parfum de Perroquet, we'd make a fortune!"

"It would cost a fortune to do ..." and then he went off on a science facts tangent that made it obvious, it would cost a fortune. Which yeah, but if we could bottle that and call it Parfum de Perroquet we'd make a fortune! And everybody would love us for getting it done. Because rubbing your bird against your neck and wrists would annoy your bird. It's a solution to a need.

All birds have a scent. Every scent has a job inside communication. It's a truth that makes for a great read in The Secret Perfume of Birds: Uncovering the Science of Avian Scent by Danielle Whitaker

Butters, our blue and gold macaw, smells like sunshine. Bright, strong, happy, exhilarating. She smells like sunshine when she's intrigued by something outside or is outside. She explodes with her musk. I would pay a lot to have Sunshine Butter as a hand soap.

Stella, our cockatiel hen, smells like clean baby powder. Warm, comforting, soft. She smells like this always. Her scent would be an awesome laundry detergent.

Felix, newscaster and African grey, smells like wood. Understated, present, assuring. Felix doesn't care and would like me to stop sniffing his buttfeathers.

Snickers smells like something wonderful I'm sure, I can't tell you what. I'd only smell my own blood.

Kirby, my Indian ringneck. I miss his smell. His was like fresh handmade soap. Clean, fresh, open. Kirby scented candles would be nice.

Parrot feathers and perfume. They are flying flowers of color and scent. And opinions and judgement. Their perfume makes it easier for us humans to learn we are terminally confused.
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  • Loki the mini-macaw has a black pepper scent.

    Stephanie on

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