What Makes a Dog Happy? A very happy dog panting after a very happy game of tug of war and fetch with his favorite person.

What Makes a Dog Happy?

Dogs are man’s best friend in lore. At the side of their human, they protect, adventure, hunt, trot, smell, reveal, celebrate, sleep, eat, wander, and wonder. In stories, a dog and their best friend focus on a journey. What makes a dog happy? You focused with them on a task.

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How To Care For Your Bearded Dragon. Male bearded dragon named Elias shedding heavily around the neck. He's also waiting for a treat.

How To Care For Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons have dragon sized personalities. They are a willing companion pet. Cuddling to maintain body heat. Requesting chin strokes. Foot massages for relaxing. Intelligent and opinionated, a beardie learns routines quickly. Here's all you need to know about bearded dragon care and needs.

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Quaker Monk Parakeet eating orange sherbert treat and feeling the effects of brain freeze. Photo by Nicky Pe at Pexels.com. Digital watercolor by Kathy LaFollett

Can Parrots Get Brain Freeze Like Humans?

Yes, if capillary filled sinuses exist near the function of swallowing, brain freeze can happen. Vasoconstriction (narrowing the blood vessels) creates the feeling of pain. You can turn off the pain by drinking something lukewarm. (Widening the blood vessels). Want frozen treats without the face assault? It's all a matter of degrees. Here's how.

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What scares a parrot? A female Lorikeet parakeet at full attention because of a sudden loud sound. Watercolor by Kathy LaFollett

What scares a parrot?

Parrots feel fear. Parrots feel your empathy. Your parrot can understand that you will help them decide what they need to lessen the fear. What scares a parrot?

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A happy amazon getting settled inside his travel cage to go on a car ride. Parrots can travel by car with you happily.

How To Travel by Car with A Parrot

How do you travel with a pet bird? Traveling with your parrot is akin to traveling with children. You'll need to provide entertainment and conversation. You'll need to answer when asked questions. Snacks and drinks on longer excursions are welcomed. And packing familiar items in a familiar parrot travel cage with familiar sturdy perches are mandatory.

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Two wild parakeets perched and preening each other in a tree. Photo by David Selbert from Pexels.com Watercolor by Kathy LaFollett.

How to Care for Parakeets

A parakeet's only difference to a large size parrot is their patience. You'll need to move just a bit slower and be just a bit more patient with a parakeet. Afterall, when you are literally small, there isn't much room for mistakes in the wild.

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Wild cockatiel creating a hole inside a dead tree for a home.

What Does a Cockatiel Need?

How your cockatiel lives inside your life will directly affect their quality and quantity of life. Stress, air quality, food, water, housing, employment opportunities, and sense of self make big impacts. Here's 9 tips for a fun cockatiel cage, and 4 tips on forage feeding for health and happiness.

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Male Betta of yellows, creams, oranges and purples swimming in a 20-gallon long tank with plants and rocks.

What You Need for a Betta Fish Tank

A flourishing Betta is a beautiful, playful, intelligent fish. A gem of a personality. Knowing their natural history in the wild is the key to creating and keeping Betta fish happy, healthy, and long. They aren't complicated, but they do have intriguing habitat needs and habits as a fish.

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A baby scarlet macaw parrot playing at the bottom of his new cage with some of his new brightly colored toys. Before a parrot learns to fly, they learn to play.

What Makes a Great Parrot Toy?

What makes a great parrot toy is what makes a great parrot relationship. You participating in the evolution of their preferences and opinions. You presenting options and accepting their choices. You keeping an eye on things as evolution takes place. Here's four ways to look at parrot toys.

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