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Airports and Other Human Travels

Airports and Other Human Travels

We are all Odd. Human or Animal.

Having shared Gate A6 with a few hundred of my fellow humans for nine hours due to weather delays, I can say we are all, collectively and individually, odd. The best writers are the best observers. No need to take notes, just sit, listen, watch, and find the individual context through clues. Facial expressions, body language, voice, walk, actions, and choices. The difference between an odd human and an odd animal is next to nothing. If you look closely. We are all different species.

We're all being judged whether human or animal.

Three hours after the waiting nine hours my plane lands home, again. A twenty-minute drive allows me to sit in the back of a quiet dark sedan and contemplate the coming judgements. All thirteen will have a sentence to pass down, and then application of that sentence. I've been gone for three days. There could be heavy penalties.

  • Kirby, a sky-blue Indian Ringneck Parakeet, sentences me to Double Super-Secret Probation. There is no Own Recognizance. Since getting home he has not let me leave his sight nor has he left my shoulder. I can no longer be trusted. I have broken the Kirby Circle of Trust. Probation will be lifted at an unassigned date in the future.
  • Butters, a diva of a macaw, steps up to let me know I've let her down. She's held vigil waiting for me. Vigil not on a grooming perch. Her talons are sharp enough to take up Parrot Needlepoint.
  • Snickers has zero interest in Justice or Crime. He's been quite happy in my absence. His dad never left. Scarlet macaws are like that. They only want the responsibility of one human. Humans are a lot of work.
  • Dogs do not judge. Dogs live in the moment. A good dog, well loved and cared for, will allow you to do anything ridiculous, for as long as necessary, as long as you come home.
  • Cats have no interest in your issues.
  • A House Rabbit will welcome each of their humans according to their worth. As in; I'm worth more than that other one because I'm the one with banana every morning.
  • Felix, our African grey, has passed and sentenced me to hard indentured labor. Years ago. My leaving and coming back has nothing to do with it.

Coffee at home is better than coffee in the best of hotels. And that was a really nice hotel. Life at home is better than life at a really nice hotel. Even if I am an indentured, probation serving, cruise director for judgey animals.

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