An African grey Parrot sitting on a human's shoulder looking out a window.

It's Okay to Forget Names Sometimes

It's Okay to Forget Names Sometimes

Window views are abundant in our house. The bird room has thirty linear feet of windows. Or 125 square feet. Or two macaws and one African Grey's amount. Depending on how you do math. Butters and Snickers being noisy, nosy macaws, prefer the east view, keeping their eyes on wildlife. Felix, being an African Grey, keeps his eye to the north. Specific to our neighbor's backyard. He has issues with our neighbor.

Felix's dreaded weirdo neighbor is chopping branches off his oak tree while standing on his roof. This is a seasonal thing. His house is one story, he can walk the entire length easily as the roof pitch is not extreme. Just before hurricane season begins, he's on his roof trimming Spring growth off his oak tree. He can see right into our house and the birds can see him right back. He lops heavy branches and when they hit his roof the thump is loud. One hour in, the birds are getting jumpy. I offer words of comfort with their names. "It's okay, Snickers! It's okay, Felix! It's okay, Butters! It's okay, Dante"

After 14 cycles of calling names and saying "it's okay", I forgot one dog's name. I went through four names until I could remember Angus' name.

"It's okay, no. DanNO. Um. Butte...GAH! Leo ...yeah, no. Angus, it's okay Angus!"

I've run out of memory in my Companion Name Memory Bank.

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  • I have 13 names to remember – every good morning and every good night and sometimes to say it’s OK too. Yes, it’s a challenge!

    Carol Buesd on

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