Domestic geese with their goslings walking down a country road.

Protecting Native Waterfowl in your Neighborhood

Protecting Native Waterfowl in your Neighborhood

Know Their Rights and yours, to Protect Them.

A flock of geese showed up out of somewhere with new hatchlings! They've never been in our area. I'm doing my best to fight the instinct to run out and take pictures and video. These are glorious creatures. And, OH, Karma! You are hilarious. Our neighbor caught me outside a few days ago. Mad as a wet hornet. He let me know I had to stop feeding the ducks. He has to use firecrackers to shoo them. It's my fault. There were too many. They were soiling his front porch. His daughter's bedroom has bugs because of them. (I could bring up their backyard having 10 years of fallen oak leaves layered, but why stop a rant?) He couldn't take it. Can't take it. He likes the ducks, but if I don't stop feeding them, he will have them culled. He doesn't WANT to do it, but I will make him do it if I don't stop.

We'll step around the manipulative passive aggressive nature of the rant. No point in examining that. It's ugly. And it is a sign of a weak person who doesn't know their rights. I, on the other hand, do know my powers and my rights.

I have lines. Just a few lines drawn in the sand in my brain. One of those lines involves killing things for convenience while blaming someone else for your murdering choices. The other line is putting my name in there. As if a grown man can't stand up and say I'm going to kill them because I don't care about animals, I care about me. Instead, he uses me for his subsidized moral walker. Sorry, bud. I'm not holding you up. You fell down a long time ago.

You'll have to give a little to get a little.

I acquiesced for the duck's sake. I will agree whole heartedly that we all don't like ducks like I like ducks. I acquiesced to the location of feeding only. I did remove the always freshwater bowl. As that was the bigger reason for the duck rave parties. I moved feeding to the other side of the front yard, past the driveway. The ducks ignored his front porch. Until he installed ten feet of PVC chicken wire fence to extend out from his side yard fence. Thinking ducks can't walk around fences. Which they can. He'd created a great line of cover to follow to the new feeding grounds. Of course, ducks walk around fences. And ducks fly over fences and perch on fences.

LaFollett B&B Rest Stop (me) moved operations slightly south. We are in business. We are within the law and statute provisions. That's when Karma arrived to show her sense of humor.

A never-before-seen flock of eight adult geese with seven goslings are currently hanging out on his front porch, in his front yard, and his driveway. I could let him know not to mess with a full flock of protective geese. I could let him know his ten feet of improvised fence created a line of sight for geese and ducks that says, "HEY! You should nap here in this protected nook."

I could inform him GEESE ARE POOPING ON HIS PORCH because the ducks paid them to poop on his porch. Ducks are a bit cartel like that.

But no. We at LaFollett B&B Rest Stop hold our neighbors in regard. Some we regard less than others.

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