A watercolor painting of a grandmother reading a book to her grandson while sitting in a chair.

What We Put Out into the World Matters

Life is also glorious and triumphant. Precious and finite. Beautiful. Fragile. Short. Life is everything you say it is, without fail. See the wonder, live in wonder. See problems, live in problems. Whatever you say your life is, it will be. Use your words carefully.

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DIY parrot toy built with lollipop sticks, dowel rods and pine wood.

Controlling Nothing to Live in the Now

This isn’t an essay just about bird toys. It’s a reminder than every person has a gift to give to themselves, others, and if fevered enough to try, to the world. Our gifts come wrapped inside a crunchy coating called “human”.

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Watercolor impression of interior mural painted in interior semi-gloss paint.

Life Never Goes Where You Think It Would Go. It shouldn’t.

Life isn’t about getting things done. It’s about doing things. Autopilot routines are great for getting it all done quickly, but you aren’t experiencing the little things hidden in all of life’s day. Life’s gems are little. Very little. Life is short. Very short.

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Quasar emitting energy as captured by the Hubble Telescope. NASA Photo Gallery Collection.

If We Are Made of Stars, We Were Made to Shine

Bernadette Peters. Google the name if you’ve never heard. She had a line in a past Broadway production that’s one word, two syllables. I use this scene at the grocery checkout whenever I feel a downbeat coming off the cashier and bagging person. 

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