A gardening box filled with the day's harvest of carrots, radishes, peas, cucumbers.

The Magic of Gardening and the Surprises it Brings

There is the priceless piece of gardening. Nature will send cooperative partners your way. Surprise flowers, bees, butterflies, caterpillars, songbirds, earthworms, pill worms, toads, and other regional mischief and magic known only to your locale.

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Whether you have a dog, cat, or parrot the new pet food options are fast trending for freeze-dried and dehydrated mixes.

Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Pet Food: The Future of Pet Nutrition?

Discover the benefits of freeze-dried and dehydrated pet food for your companion parrots, dogs, and cats. Learn about the preservation methods, nutritional value, and shelf life of these pet food options, as well as tips for serving them to your pet. With insights from a leading industry expert, explore the pros and cons of both methods and find out which one might be the right choice for you and your companion.

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Parrots are not domesticated, they're opinionated. Snickers, a scarlet macaw, letting me know his opinion.

The costs of an opinionated companion parrot. You've chosen a lifestyle, not a pet.

There are endless possibilities in your fridge, pantry, and backyard. Foraging boils down to creating a pile of stuff offering texture, color, tastes, and puzzling pieces of items in a surprising venue. The perfect parrot space is the result of a journey in creativity with your parrot. You’ll know when you’ve got it right, when they choose to be in their cage.

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A yellow parakeet taking a bath in his light green bathtub that is setup in front of his opened cage door.

The Queries of Wizards and other Beings

Can your parakeet bathe in food colored water? Yes, if you have a bowl of food colored water available and you promote the idea, and the water is fresh enough, and the temperature correct, and the bowl the type your bird prefers, and your parrot doesn’t think you’re sketchy as hell, again.

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A red hen sitting on her nest of just laid eggs in the chicken pen. Laying hens are active egg producers for approximately four years. They live eight years.

Why keeping chickens is not your answer to high egg prices.

There's cold hard math to the equation of keeping laying chickens in your backyard. The math toward saving money at the grocery store doesn't add up. You may actually find yourself in the red. But the math adding up for healthier eggs and happier mental health because you share your life with chickens? That is infinite math.

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Two dogs looking out their new extra-large doggie door. The power of the doggie door, choice.

The power of the Doggie Door and how to harness it.

Choice confirms identity and capability. A doggie door is an available choice. It isn't just a convenience for dog owners. It's a mental health item. If I lived in an apartment, I'd put a temporary doggie door on an interior door. Just so they had something intriguing to choose. Being able to choose freely is important. For everyone.

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