Catalina macaw about to take flight after finally growing her wing feathers back in after a wing clip in the spring.

Should I Clip My Parrot's Wings?

The third rail of companion parrot care. Ask the question and the answers become emotional, and the debates become even more so. The question should make us emotional. Should I stop my parrot from being his full self? Same question, better context. Here's the Pros and Cons, and tips to make it work if you do.

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A blue and gold macaw outside eating a very messy piece of banana.

How do I get my bird to shut up?

A question that arrived in the subject line of an email today. I emailed back my own subject line. You don't. You don't 'get' a parrot to do anything. You can get groceries. If you're so inclined, you can get a tattoo. With enough time and money, you can get just about anything. Which has nothing to do with your parrot being a parrot.

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Kitten laying in a bed. Original photo by Omar Ramadan. After Affects modifications Kathy LaFollett.

What Your New Kitten Really Needs

Gotcha Day for any companion animal is a big deal for a human. We've been thinking about you for a very long time most likely. And even if we hadn't been actively thinking on you, we were subconsciously toying with the idea of you. The day we met you reminded us that we had been. Then, there you are! No matter how we met, we humans can be a bit overwhelming and excitable. And clingy. We love you so much! Which is everything a new kitten does not care about.

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A black and white catahoula hound puppy in the backseat of a car, sitting in his dog bed on the way home from adoption.

What You Really Need for a New Puppy

His first seven days should be clear, uncluttered, and scheduled. The first week for your puppy will solidify trust. It's all in those seven days. The goal here isn't to overwhelm with options. It's to make a clear statement of routine and love. Starter puppy kits are for future retail sales, not for your puppy's future confidence. You don't need a starter kit.

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A Dalmatian puppy learning not to dig holes in his backyard while playing in the grass. Photo by Igor Justo, SPX watercolor after affects by Kathy LaFollett.

How to Stop Your Dog Digging Holes

We live with two big dogs. A Catahoula hound and a blue nose staffy. The staffy does what the hound does due to his lack of initiative. Digging holes is Angus' go to move. Dogs dig holes for reasons.  Here's the 4 reasons, and 6 steps to eliminate them.

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An Ekkie and Amazon parrot perching in an orange forest friendly eating.

Saving Money While Feeding our Companion Animals

If you have a family, you are feeling it all right now. If you have companion animals, you are feeling it all right now. I offer up friendly tips for the global economic rash that will be acute and chronic until further notice.

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Angus Lee LaFollett, Catahoula Hound, laying in a chair on the back porch.

15 Go-To Products For Your Dog Life

We've lived a dog life long enough to throw out a mortgage payment's worth of bad dog ideas multiplied by ten. There's a short list of things that have stood the test of time, dog, human, and use. Some are for health, others convenience, some are fun and still others, calming. These 15 products proved their worth.

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