Parakeet happily playing in her travel cage.

6 Ways to Desensitize a Parrot to their Travel Cage

6 Ways to Desensitize a Parrot to their Travel Cage

Routines and consistent actions help companion parrots know what's coming. That is a double-edged sword when it comes to some things. Like travel cages that only get used when for trips to the Vet. We pull the cage out and they're eyes say, "Oh, NO I'm not going in there!" If you are like me, and only transport for healthcare, then this is a familiar issue.

Here's 6 ways to desensitize a parrot to their travel cage.

  1. Bring out travel cages once or twice a month for no other reason than to offer a play and adventure area. Set them on the couch, the table or a chair and have favorite toys, snacks, blankets and surprise treats. Items only ever offered in their travel cage.
  2. Leave the cage out for a few days, move the cage to a new spot each new morning. Allow them to investigate and enjoy.
  3. Store a travel cage in full view of your parrot. Something that becomes a normal object, loses its impact. 
  4. If your parrot lives in a large enough cage, put the travel cage inside their day cage as an element to climb, and adventure in.
  5. The entire mission to desensitize your parrot is to change the label they've given the travel cage. It is no longer a cage to go to a vet, but now another item for fun and games.
  6. The day before a vet visit, fill them with a few choice items and leave them out. When it's time to leave, you'll have volunteers lining up to get going.
Yes, our companion parrots are able to put the idea together they have a "chance" of ending up at the vet. But they also know they have a higher "chance" of not. And we all know our companion parrots are about taking calculated chances for a favorite reward. Attaching happy results to otherwise stressful events and items goes a long way and is a short path to follow.

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