Three parrotlets playing on a parrot tree stand.

8 Activities To Do With Your Parrot

8 Activities To Do With Your Parrot

Our confidence in our growing relationship with our parrot defines the growth and strength of that relationship.

Activities To Do with a Parrot You Love.

  • Talk with your parrot. Have a conversation. Notice I didn't say talk to, I said talk with your parrot to include and wait for responses. A conversation is only as good as the listening that goes on. Give your bird a chance to respond, whether it be a ruffle, or vocalization or a head shake or a toy toss. Listening is as important as talking with your parrot.
  • Share a meal with your parrot. Why do we go out to dinner with friends? For the shear enjoyment of eating together. You laugh, share stories, try each other's foods, you bond. What parrot won't like that?
  • Let your parrot help with chores! Riding on a pile of laundry counts as helping. The point being a parrot needs to be part of the daily dailies. They need that. 
  • Flock call with your parrot! Are you outside doing lawn work? Are they in the house? Well, yell hello into the window! It doesn't have to be open. Wave, sing, dance. Hide behind the bush and play peekaboo. Are you in the other room busy? Call out and let them know you are safe and near, and busy. Everybody appreciates updates.
  • Always speak a word to your parrot when walking past their cage or line of sight. Always. Nobody likes being ignored. Say hello and goodbye during your day's ins and outs. Nobody likes being forgotten.
  • Say their names, often. Parrots LOVE hearing their names. It's true.
  • If they love snuggling, snuggle. If they love scritches, scratch. If they love rolling around on a bed and wing rubs, well do it. I know some stand opposed on this issue because of hormones, et al.  And in some cases that is a true warning. Every bird is different, every lifestyle is different, and every companion parrot relationship is different. Do not fear or push away a physically welcoming parrot.
  • Treat your parrot no less than you would treat a child or friend. Literally. If for no other reason than to make yourself a better and kinder personal naturally. But I'll tell you right now the benefits reaped will be a bit amazing. Like hot fudge. That stuff is amazing.
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  • I am owned by 3 parrots and I knew all this but it’s always a good reminder! Thanks for posting!

    Lettie on

  • Love how you said this. Good reminder!

    Peg on

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