Building Trust with your Parrot. Share a meal with your cockatoo eating a green bean.

Building Trust with your Parrot

Building Trust with your Parrot

Butters rests heavy on my shoulder but her whispers and purrs are weightless. I had intended on going upstairs and doing a bit of art and writing. I had intended on sewing, writing, and maybe sculpting. But you see, Butters saw me standing in the darkened office typing away. Just me, catching up on parrot consultations, emails and the like. The clicking was too inviting for her. She is my office assistant.

Building Trust with your Parrot. Butters, our blue and gold macaw, waiting to be picked up off her bridge so she can sit on my shoulder and preen my hair.

The house is quiet, except for the campaign raging on Xbox in the bird room. Felix shoot laser beams at alien beings as his human dad shoots them with more. Snickers is busy with his girlfriends, transporting them back and forth and back and forth between cages and treetops. That's his fault. If he'd commit there wouldn't be that much work involved.

Kirby is asleep one foot up with a full crop on top of the Cockatiel Horde's aviary. We shared lunch and he is in full digest mode.

Building Trust with your Parrot by allowing your parrot to be his true self. Kirby our blue indian ring necked parakeet eating fast so he can take a nap on top of the cockatiel cage.

With Butters purring in my ear and preening that ear randomly, how can I move? How can I break this bond simply to go art? I can't. I'm creating another kind of art. Trust. I am building a beautiful relationship.

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