Can You Stop a Bird from Throwing Food on the Floor? Macaws are messy parrots because macaws love throwing food out of their bowls. They also love stirring, hurling, tossing, and dumping their parrot food bowls as well.

Can You Stop a Bird from Throwing Food on the Floor?

Can You Stop a Bird from Throwing Food on the Floor?

Parrots throwing, dumping, stirring, and hurling their food out of their bowls. All parrots throw their food in some fashion. It's fashionable for a bird. Having a parrot that didn't throw, stir, dump, or hurl their food would be the odd idea. How do you keep parrot food inside their cage inside their bowls? By understanding why birds throw food.

Can You Stop a Bird from Throwing Food on the Floor? Yes, you can. But you can't stop a bird from trying to throw food for the fun of it. Fun is important to a parrot.

Why is my bird throwing her food on the floor? A question we think more often than not in our parrot lifestyle.

There are 4 reasons parrots throw food.

  1. Too much food. Parrots love variety. And parrots take advantage of glorious days of excess. By throwing the excess on the floor.
  2. The food you put in there is new, and you didn't ask them about your idea.
  3. Their food has gone off. Parrots aren't impressed with out-of-date foods any more than humans.
  4. It's a game. Humans may have forgotten how to celebrate joy with fearless abandon. Parrots have fine-tuned fearless abandon.

If you've lowered the portion of their food, double checked freshness, stopped bringing up your ideas, and your parrot is still throwing food out of their bowl; It's time to add boundaries to their bodacious.

How do you keep parrot food inside their cage?

  • If your parrot stirs their bowls of food, hooded round bowls keep the food in while allowing your bird to continue having fun.
  • If your parrot is smaller, you'll find you have smaller bits to deal with during meals. Automatic no mess feeders will save you time and money by reducing flying fragments and wasted food bits. They still provide a comfortable area for your bird to be his best bird while eating.
  • If you've got larger parrots, you've got bigger brains and bites to handle. Tidy Seed makes the best no mess big bird feeder on the market. It's pricey. But so is macaw food that ends up on the floor. They have an XL size feeder. Currently this is unavailable. When it's back on the market, it will be included in this product resource collection.

You can't stop a parrot from being a parrot. Which is what a parrot is doing when she's throwing, stirring, hurling, and dumping food bowls. You can reduce the aftermath costs and cleaning time with fresh foods served in correct portions in no mess bowls and stations. 

Add one more item to your arsenal of money saving parrot feeding costs. The nylon cage mesh skirt guard. They come in different colors, sizes, and heights to meet your cage requirements. Parrots are messy. That is their lifestyle. So are children, dogs, and all companion animals. And let's be honest, we are messy, too. Some more than others. 

Find all the current helpful solutions available for parrots throwing their food on all the floors, here: No Waste Parrot Food Bowls and Cage Skirts Collection

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