A male double-yellow scarlet macaw in a living room walking on top of a table.

Effective Cleaning when you Live with Companion Pets

Effective Cleaning when you Live with Companion Pets

Know your goals, and your cleaning tools.

In the pursuit of clean there are many tools. Dust pans, dust bins, dusters, vacuums, vacuum attachments, cleaners, wipers, scrubbers, scrapers, grouters, removers, refinishers, vinegar, bleach, peroxide, soap, soda, salt, and lemons. Mops, flops, rags, bags, clippers, washers, dryers, and multiple aisles at your local retail store offering untried tempting goops, fluids, sponges, clothes, erasers, blowers, suckers, pushers, and pullers. I filtered my cleaning tools down to four main soldiers of war, plus one hat trick.

  1. Swiffer Dusters. Parrot dander floats, you need something that grabs it and won't let it get away.
  2. You'll need reach above and below.
  3. An easy to tote vacuum with exceptional attachments and a canister to dump, rather than bags to fill. Shark for the little things.
  4. ShopVac for the big things. (You'll need bags for the big things, especially if you have large parrots.

Choose a great set of blinds, to control what can be seen. 

Sorry, not sorry.

Nature provided the ultimate answer to all our cleaning needs. Sunlight. Here at LaFollett Estate the morning sun in the winter months casts it's powers at a perfect angle revealing all nemesis; dust, crumbs, pellets, paw prints, fur, flake, food bits, bone chunks, sand, dirt, dander, and pile punctuated with floating floofs and flotsam meandering to the floor. The setting sun delivers the same power on the opposite side of the house in the late five o'clock hour. How lovely.

 Light at this point, is my power tool. Science has brought tools to harness light. Ultraviolet bulbs and laser beams to name two. I prefer blinds. Roller, horizontal, lateral, wood, plywood, plastic, cloth, or polyester. They all kill the light.

 When surfaces remind me of mountain ranges in Colorado, I pull the blinds. If the floor in the bird room proves we have birds, I enjoy using our new wood blinds that match the interior. Why wouldn't I want to see more of the green cloth and wood grains?

Identify your companion animal and understand their mess.

 Alas, parrot poop does not disappear. It is impervious to light. Unless you turn off the lights. At night. And walk away. No more floor problems to look at. It also helps to go to bed.

 Rabbit fur weighs less than parrot feathers. Guinea pig poop does not roll around like rabbit coco puffs. An African grey's mess does not look like a macaw's. Dogs will eat parrot poop if the parrot ate something interesting earlier. (This particular fact can pay off if you are pressed for time.)

Never compare your home to a home that has no companions.

Clean is a relative term. It is also a moving target. There will ebbs in your tidal clean. Don't beat yourself up on this, the moon is full. There will be flows, when space and time allows that special brain chemical rush that creates motivation to clean. You wake up and think, "Oh yes! CLEANING! This is what I was born to do!" And so, you do. All day. The flow is strong. The end result clear, clean, shiny and fresh. 

At this point you can either Saran Wrap the house and buy a new one to live in, or you can realize tides change. And your parrots and companions will be fixing all this success. If you are wealthy enough to own two houses, one Saran Wrapped while the other is used, congratulations. You've applied the underpants theory to real estate with fierce skill and banking prowess.

I'm gonna close the blinds. I can never get the Saran Wrap started on the roll. I end up with saran shreds, that I have to clean up. Which is just one more thing.

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