Corgi dog laying on the beach just having eaten a dead fish he found in the surf. Good thing he has a healthy gut thanks to eating a limited ingredient dog food.

My Dog Just Ate Something Weird, Now What?

My Dog Just Ate Something Weird, Now What?

Dogs are gross. They fart and roll around in wildlife poop. They eat grass and throw up grass. Then try to eat that. Given half a chance, they will eat another dog's poop. They smell other dog butts and jangly bits. They drool when they are excited. They drool when they are asleep. They have this thing called a gland that needs squeezing by a Vet Tech. I love dogs. This helps a lot when dealing with all the gross things that go on around here with our two dogs.

Our Catahoula Hound scavenges on walks. He's fast. He's looking for rejected lunches left behind by neighborhood lawn crews. Or dead things. Our American Bully prefers scavenging inside the house. We have parrots who throw food on the floor. He knows this. They know he knows this. Left over parrot food inside is less gross than dead things outside. Our dogs are always eating something weird. They will purposely eat awful things when I look away. Planning for random, consistent gross things getting eaten starts with what we feed them on purpose.

How to Strengthen Your Dog's Digestion (so they can eat weird things)

  1. A dog with a healthy gut does better on days he decides to eat a rancid dead squirrel's head. Get ahead of their gross eating choices with limited ingredient dog food, dog probiotics, and limited ingredient skin and coat supplement with Omegas.
  2. Forget prepackaged treats. Read the label and you'll see fats, fillers, and preservatives that ruin gut health. A great replacement treat; baked, cooled, and cubed sweet potatoes. I have cubed sweet potato in the freezer for hot days.
  3. Filtered water, not tap water. Water quality is no longer a given. Water quality affects your dog's gut health.
  4. Fragrance free detergents for dog beds, blankets, and clothing. Holistically, chemical fragrances are hard on all living beings. This is a known. If it touches your skin, it finds a way in. If you can smell it, it's in your lungs. 

Helping your dog gain a healthy gut is the first line of defense. Dogs love eating weird things. And there will be times you chase a gross thing right down their throat. Once Angus has a vile smelly wondrous found snack in his mouth, he's going to swallow it or drag me into oncoming traffic trying.

An upset stomach shouldn't last more than a day, though. If your dog ate something more threatening than dead gross things, there are clear signs and levels of illness. This is a great article differentiating everything from dead squirrel head to unknown toxin. 7 Signs

Dogs are gross. I love dogs.

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