Two parrots sitting on a person's shoulders laughing.

Every Day We Choose to Laugh

Every Day We Choose to Laugh

Companion animals are a friend to travel through life's minutes. No matter who you've chosen to share yours with, a companion keeps us on the straight and hilarious.

Butters, our blue and gold macaw, perched at the highest point of the biggest tree stand, puts her at about six feet up. She's looking down at me as if I've asked the epoch of stupid questions. Why should she get down? Why should she step up? Why should she do anything considering she's the one with superpowers in the room? I vacuum around and under her since she's winning this Q & A session.

Leonidas Rabbit's condo is cleaned, updated, and filled with new Dixie Cups, bedding, paper towel rolls, one freshly washed stuffed bear and 2 pristine sheets of paper towels. All placed carefully in the wrong places. Leonidas Rabbit is not amused. But he's busy now!

I'm enrolling Werthers into the Julliard School Guinea Pig of Drama. Opening the refrigerator sends him into the death scene of some Shakespearean tragedy. I'm not sure if he wants lettuce or if he's dying of a sword inflicted wound on a battlefield in France. I swear he grabbed his chest and fell backwards when I looked at him.

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