Asian Fusion Bowl of Pho.

Parrots Love to Eat Pho

Parrots Love to Eat Pho

Eat Like a Bird

Living the companion parrot lifestyle offers an opportunity to fine tune healthy choices. Parrots can eat what we eat, outside of onions, avocadoes, chocolate and alcohol anything.

Eating like a Parrot is a Good Idea for Two Reasons

  • Sharing the same menu as your parrot needs, is eating well in human terms. You'll immediately remove all the fats, sugars, and processed foods you shouldn't have anyway.
  • Eating like a parrot makes lunch prep and To Go Bags better.

I had lunch with my husband today at Sab Cafe. I have to tell you that to tell you the rest of this story. I LOVE Sab's Pho. It's just too perfect.

I add that Chili Sauce that's in the squeeze bottle on the table. Just enough to turn the broth from a golden color to a deep umber. Then I squeeze both the lime wedges into it, add the mint, and a bit of everything off the greens plate. It's so hot. it's so good. I'm so greedy with my spoon and chopsticks, they can barely hold the number of noodles I want to shovel in my face. Seriously this is the one food that declares I have the ability to be a foodie.

I always bring home half leftover, as it's a massive serving. So here I am, back at home, trying to get my wheels under me while suffering food coma. A couple hours pass and I'm ready to finish my Pho, with a beer, and Felix. Because really, what's the point of wheels at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday?

Felix has never tried Sab's Pho before and for whatever reason he's all about what I have in this steaming bowl. And these chopsticks are interesting, too.

Parrots love warm foods. Tea, soup, sweet potatoes, etc.

I have learned Pho turns African Grey Parrots into ravenous, demanding Vikings. Pho also brings out new words and sounds. Probably memories from his days as a Viking.

He's making slurpy sounds I've never heard before. He's mumbling something about something, and MMMm, and "That's good, huh?" I turn away from serving him to take a mouthful of rice noodles while there's still some left.

And just as the chopsticks are at my mouth ...

"HERE!" Here! "That's good, huh? HERE!" Ravenous. Demanding. Viking.

He's so full he didn't bother demanding to go back to his digesting perch. He just turned around, away from his now empty bowl on his tent and fell into his digesting nap.

Sharing Food with Your Parrot is Healthy Living.

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