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Focus on the Right Stuff Confidently

Focus on the Right Stuff Confidently

Have you ever had one of those days that sits in your memory as absolutely perfect? The day where you didn't think of anything but the fun that occurred, or the people involved, or the laughter and simple joy that took place?

The only reason that day was truly epic is because you focused on the here and now, not what was missing or could have been. We all have days we seem capable of "letting go" and just enjoying the day. We allow ourselves that peace and joy. And that day goes down in the annals of memory history as perfect. Most likely it was just like any other day, you just stopped looking at what wasn't, what could have been, or what others were doing. 

You control it all, by allowing yourself to accept it all.

  • Allow yourself to be content. Content with where you are, who you are, and what you are, right now. Accept yourself without filter or judgements. Because no matter your hopes or goals, now and here can't change.
  • You can't change the current moment. That would be a different you after a choice. Or two. In the past.
  • The past you, doesn't exist anymore. You can't change the past. You can't change the present. Acknowledge the past and then excuse it to leave the present. Acknowledge the present and then excuse yourself to move forward. You are all you need. You were always all you needed.
  • No life is perfect. Life isn't fair. We take others life stories and think we don't have enough money, enough influence, enough home, enough whatever. Why? Because we are looking at someone else's life, not your own. Wishing is easier than living. It's human nature.

Get honest and add a big heaping spoonful of joy.

  • Share your life honestly. Bring love, empathy, joy, and concern to the best of your ability through your day.
  • Share your laughter, your food, your humor, your day, and your dreams with someone else. Because you are enough.
  • Know that you will feel vulnerable. Know that some may reject or take some sort of advantage of your openness. Know those things have nothing to do with who you are and are becoming. 

Focus on the reality of what reality is, not on the reality of what you wish. None of us get all of this right.

The one thing you can get right every day in every way, is focusing on the good, the joy, the peace, the safety, and the love inside you. An empathetic soul driven to love cannot fail. I have yet to meet one that does. Sincerity, empathy, love and respect. Those are the pillars of enough.

Right now, you are enough. Your heart is powerful, and your voice is comfort. You are enough for someone who needs you, your heart, or you voice.

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