Oceanic blue hair coloring.

Hair Color Changes and Your Parrot

Hair Color Changes and Your Parrot

Part of the Companion Parrot Lifestyle is knowing you will change some of your pre-parrot lifestyle choices. We meet our birds in the middle of things. Compromise creates the best relationships. I forgot about that detail while preparing for a speaking engagement in New York. I decided a cascade of Oceanic blues would be the perfect hair color.

My arrival back from my hair colorist brought a quick vote of the flock.

  • Felix didn't care. African Greys generally don't care if it's not their problem.
  • Kirby didn't care. Indian Ringnecks take a few days to consider what you think you did, and how it affects them.
  • Snickers cared for a couple of hours and tried to remove my blue hair from my head. Realized during hour three it's just me in blue hair. Male scarlet macaws are only concerned with territorial impacts. Blue hair isn't that much of an impact.

Butters cared. She is a blue and gold macaw, and I am her human. My decision personally impacted her as she uses my shoulders as a couch. She thinks the blue hair is not me and does not belong and cannot be trusted and therefore must be shunned. She's currently fighting two truths unsuccessfully. Blue hair is evil. Must have hair twisty attached to blue hair. Poor Butters.

Ultimately, my hair twisty and my shoulder couch is more important than my fashion choices. Even though, obviously, I made a poor life choice. The blues match her feathers. How ridiculous can a human get?

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