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How Do I Tame My Parrot?

How Do I Tame My Parrot?

There is no taming a parrot. Taming a parrot is not bonding with a parrot. Taming a parrot isn't training a parrot. Taming a parrot is not domesticating a parrot. There is only a parrot and a human and a few thousand negotiated agreements along the way. These agreements will change when your bird changes his mind about what he agreed to in the first place. You'll successfully domesticate a two-year old human to do laundry and clean up their room before you tame a parrot.

The ideas of taming or bonding with a parrot swirl in the world of small bird ownership. Somewhere along the line at a store a salesperson said, "It might take some time to tame it. But don't worry, they settle down. Just don't make any sudden moves." Which, if you're new to parrots, sounds like a bank robbery instruction rather than how to take care of a bird.

Larger parrots will take the time to look you straight in the eye and wait. Wait for you to catch on to the fact that they are having none of this without negotiations.

Parrots fly. An animal that can fly has instinctive thoughts unlike any other companion or wild animal. Their brain says, "I hate this. I'm leaving." There is no taming a parrot. There is only communication that yields a relationship. YOU have to prove yourself to THEM. The excellent news is once you've built that proof through communication, patience, empathy, love, routine, a bit of sacrifice, and prioritizing their needs; you've got a lifelong companion parrot that will and is dedicated to you. Those untamed negotiations will continue, though. But inside a relationship that's funny. Who doesn't laugh with their life partner when things get confused during negotiations? Humans are hilarious! If you have a relationship with a parrot, you'll know this because your bird will laugh at you.

If you want your bird to love you, seek your company, listen to you, play with you, and look for you, you are going to have to do it first. For them. You're going to create a relationship with your bird. Relationships are work. Ask your friends how exhausted they are.

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