Blue Indian ringneck Parakeet standing on a pile of palm nuts expecting his share.

How Stress Affects Your Parrot

How Stress Affects Your Parrot

What is the biggest influence in your parrot's health and wellbeing? You. A Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle starts and ends with a relaxed, patient, and confident human in the room.

Sharing your world with a Parrot is simple. It is not easy.

  • It all begins with reasonable expectation and honest evaluation of ourselves. You cannot want a macaw and a perfectly kept home at the same time. The macaw will lose in that situation. You cannot be a workaholic, gone 10–12-hour days, and have a cockatoo. Being honest about who you are and what you are capable of accepting inside your own truth allows reasonable expectation, and that allows success.
  • Companion parrot daily care, food, and routines required are not complicated. Knowing the absolute truth on needs coupled with reasonable expectations allows success.
  • Reasonable expectation toward a companion parrot cannot include the idea of easy. Because the conversation must include a parrot's expectations. And parrot expectations inside a human world seem unreasonable. Chewing on your favorite chair seems reasonable to a parrot. Wandering on the floor to find where you went off to, and chewing on random things while searching for you, is reasonable to a parrot. Companion parrots are not easy because of their expectations to our world.
  • It is the parrot's expectations that get overlooked when we find ourselves in a moment or situation that seems troublesome. Bad bird, bad behavior, unwanted behavior, misbehaving, mean bird, unfriendly bird, these phrases hide the truth that a human brought unreasonable expectations to a parrot's natural expectations.
  • The "screaming parrot" issue is a prime example. With a Vet visit and your bird's health confirmed, a screaming parrot is acting appropriately inside their reasonable expectations. They are seeking their prime directive. Flock activity. Every parrot is different and requires a different level of "togetherness". Understanding your parrot's definition of this expectation allows you to fulfill it properly and thus ends the screaming. This is not easy. This is simple.

Life gets us busy and pressured. We create unreasonable expectations on ourselves as well. Relax, keep it simple, keep your own life and expectations simple, and remember they too have expectations.

It's simple, it's just not always easy.

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