Macaw sharing food from a spoon with a lorikeet parrot.

Immersive Communication for Your Parrot Lifestyle

Immersive Communication for Your Parrot Lifestyle

Parrots communicate in multidimensions; Sight, touch, sound, spatial recognition, temperature, light, atmosphere, flock member metrics, and feedbacks to name a few. Humans, through social evolution, communicate in two; Sight and sound. 

Immersive Communication bridges this gap and is no more difficult than planning a party. And you can plan this party for any parrot, and every parrot will benefit. 

The elements of Immersive Communication.

Food and parrot nutrition. Choose foods that deliver nutrients via a vehicle that supports your lifestyle and meets your bird's needs. Will you be sharing your meals with your parrot? If yes, then this lifestyle choice allows you to control the foods directly while sharing those foods communicating safe harbor, abundance and joy. Foods that offer employment are an excellent addition to their calorie requirements. Foods send the immersive message of abundance.

Location settings. Consider your lifestyle needs and your parrot's needs. Consider your controlled environment at home. If the air becomes dryer due to heaters running or air conditioning cooling, your parrot may show signs of discomfort through misbehaving or unusual vocalization. Turn your shower into moment of warm humidity relieving itchy dry skin. Much like a parrot would find at the ends of tree branches in the rain. Turn on the shower, allow the moisture to build up, and spend 15 minutes or so with your bird in that atmosphere. Offer immersive messaging of comfort.   

Materials and toys. Parrots forage for food and fun. They are partial ground feeders and foragers. Instincts drive a parrot to manipulate, separate, identify, prepare found items while eating foods throughout the day. (Now you know why they throw half their bowl of food out.) Consider placing foods in separate areas for hunting and foraging. Consider offering food hide and seek at different times of the day. Consider turning food into foraging and entertainment. Create materials and toys that are a replacement for their natural foraging tendencies. Destruction, reconstruction, shredding, and partitioning. By offering toys and materials for natural manipulation, you are sending a clear immersive message of opportunity, employment, and purpose.

Views and vistas. Parrots are thinkers who appreciate the best views. They know what they are looking at and they will find humor and interest in interesting surroundings. Sticking a parrot in a cage in the corner with no view will cause boredom and frustration. Can your lifestyle include a room with a view? Consider that view outside, could you create an inviting area for squirrels and nature to show up and entertain your parrot?  What about plants that attract butterflies? Parrots have been observed in natural settings following and watching other creatures going about their business. Send an immersive message of stimulation with thoughtful sights in a room with a view.  

Transitions and routines.  A parrot is happiest in routines. Even if you have a chaotic house, you can still create routines inside that atmosphere that trigger your parrot's acknowledgement of an event about to happen. What can your lifestyle provide in the way of opening and closing routines to help communicate goings on throughout the day. A parrot who knows what's going to happen is a stable bird. You can stop many problems from starting with this immersive communication of intentions.

When we slow down and take the time to reconsider all the avenues and actions that happen throughout a day with our birds, we'll see many opportunities to communicate without saying a word. The best parties have all the possibilities laid out clearly for the guests.

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