Herd of sheep sleeping under a shade tree including a family of goats.

Include your Companion in Your Day

Include your Companion in Your Day

We humans have a trait that causes hiccups within our relationships. Exclusion. It's a simple change in attitude and action. We no longer talk to or act with friends, family, or companion animals as part of our day. There's a level of taking things for granted. Familiarity breeding a blurred vision.

With any companion, human or animal, being included throughout the day is important. To you, and them. A resounding team effort feels good to them and does our mental health good.

Every companion has their inclusion awareness.

  • Dogs naturally assume they are included. And will trip you as a reminder.
  • Cats do not want to be included unless you've given them an excellent reason to allow you in their presence.
  • Rabbits look for inclusion if you would just sit still a minute.
  • Guinea pigs want inclusion to include their entire posse of piggles. You can't have just one guinea pig.
  • Parrots were engrained deep in their DNA for inclusion. That's Flock 101.
  • Show up at the barn and tell your goats they can't participate. Good luck.
  • Chickens assume your inclusion will include food. 
  • Ducks are like chickens, but louder. And they'll follow you forever.
  • Rats will take the time to show you how included they are by climbing in under your shirt.
  • Walk a pasture with a horse. You'll have to because he isn't going to let you walk alone.

Inclusion doesn't need to take a large portion of time. Inclusion is about quality, not quantity. Undivided attention doled out during an inclusive moment is priceless. Take those moments and make them routine, and you're mining golden memories.

Inclusion is a powerful word. Exclusion is powerful in the wrong direction.

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